Add Augmented Analytics to Your Dx Initiative and Ensure Success

If your business is trying to achieve Digital Transformation, you know how challenging the initiative can be. Digital Transformation (aka Dx) is focused on improving the business by capitalizing on technology and software solutions to increase effectiveness, productivity, collaboration and time to market. If planned and executed properly, it helps the business to achieve agility, improve customer satisfaction and increase scalability as the business changes and grows.

One of the most important contributors to Dx is a focus on data analytics – specifically augmented analytics. Augmented analytics is designed to support team members as they navigate and learn to use data. With tools to guide and recommend techniques and visualization methods, augmented analytics can encourage data literacy, enhance digital transformation and inform fact-based decisions.

As the business plans for a Dx initiative, it is important to support the cultural shift with solutions, processes and workflow that encourages team members to adopt and use data analytics on a daily basis. By delivering meaningful, productive solutions that will improve collaboration, optimize resources, increase data literacy and digital transformation across the enterprise, you can work smarter and increase your competitive footprint.

When you incorporate augmented analytics into your Digital Transformation plan, you enable your business users to gain insight into the past and predict the future with tools that are user-friendly and provide intuitive sophisticated techniques to ensure clarity and confident decision-making. Dx requires cultural change and you can support your changing enterprise, build skills and confidence and create Citizen Data Scientists with tools that support data governance and enable integrated data analytics across all business units and skill levels.

If you want to ensure success in your Digital Transformation (Dx) initiative, it is important to work with a partner with experience in Dx and in software development and other relevant experience and services. #DxImprovesResults, Read our White Paper to find out how you can achieve Digital Transformation, ‘Preparing Your Business for Digital Transformation (Dx) and Data Literacy’, and ‘Integrate Augmented Analytics and Digital Transformation to Achieve Continuous Business Improvement.