For more than a decade, Elegant MicroWeb has sustained a comprehensive and successful worldwide partnership program. Elegant MicroWeb provides technical services for software engineering and software development services to web agencies, digital marketing agencies and IT consulting companies.Its decade-long successful Web and Digital Agency partner program includes partnerships with innovative digital communication strategy experts, and serves leading corporations in industries like aerospace, global banking and financial services, public sector organizations, and healthcare, in the U.K., United States and other parts of the world.


“Elegant MicroWeb focuses on partner success,” says CEO, Kartik Patel. “Our partnership program ensures seamless, smooth communication and support services and provides our digital agency partners with cutting-edge technical skills and experienced team members who understand programming as well as digital strategy, trends and the User Experience. Our services are designed to support partner projects, processes and teams and, by extension, to add tremendous value to our partners’ customers and to provide their customers with the best products and services. Our partnership programs are built to last. Many of our partners have been with us for over a decade.”

The Elegant MicroWeb digital agency partnerships help partners to achieve an impeccable digital presence, with excellent stakeholder communication and collaboration tools, and a world-class internet reputation. These partnerships allow digital agencies to concentrate on strategy and concepts to provide client-facing services, while Elegant MicroWeb works as an extension of the backend IT team. Elegant MicroWeb focuses on turning business concepts and strategies into a website, portal or mobile app or software tool, using a wealth of technical, functional, Ux, QMS processes, technical and market trends, as well as web and digital agency domain knowledge and skills. “
By partnering with us, digital agencies can focus on their core strength,” says Patel, “And leave the technology delivery, architecture, and support to us. So it is a win-win partnership for both parties.”
Partners receive the benefit of Elegant MicroWeb cutting-edge technology and experience, ISO standards and processes, reliable support, a mature offshore delivery model, and a time and cost advantage.
Elegant MicroWeb partners include world-class businesses in the public consultation, eDemocracy, Idea Management, digital marketing and web agencies in the U.S., U.K., and other global locations.
“Our team has nearly two decades of experience in the global technology field,” Patel says. “Our approach is customer-centric and we apply that same approach to our partners; focusing on their needs and the needs of their customers to develop and support frameworks, designs, networks and infrastructure that will satisfy current and future requirements and ensure that our partners maintain a competitive advantage in their market.”
Digital Agency markets, products and services are ever changing and it is imperative that digital agency partners provide a strong, stable, flexible support network and a team with up-to-date skills and knowledge of the industry and domain and best practices, in order to serve the needs of the business and its clients.
Patel says, “Elegant MicroWeb has achieved excellent success and results in this market. Partnerships such as our long-standing relationship with Organized Feedback, illustrate the true value and benefit to customers and partners. We are extremely proud of our global partnership program and the meaningful relationships we have built and sustained.”
About Elegant MicroWeb:
Elegant MicroWeb is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with more than a decade of experience serving customers around the world, and provides offshore software development services, product development services, and Business Intelligence solutions with proven delivery models