Consider the Advantages of Augmented Analytics for Your Team!

How Do I Pitch the Benefits of Augmented Analytics to Management and IT?

If you are trying to convince your executive management or IT team of the benefits of augmented analytics, you really don’t have to look far for support. Augmented analytics benefits are numerous and, while some benefits are self-evident, many are more subtle and will be uniquely effective within you own enterprise.


The Advantages of Augmented Analytics include: support for day-to-day business decisions, insight, perspective and analysis, quick hypothesis and prototyping, agility for business development, timely and accurate decision-making, emergence of power users and data popularity and transformation of business users to Citizen Data Scientists.

And, that’s just for business users! For data scientists, the Benefits of Advanced Analytics and augmented analytics tools include: reduction in day-to-day requests, ability to focus on strategic projects, focus on projects that require 100% accuracy, ability to achieve mature modeling goals

But, any pitch to senior management or IT about Augmented Analytics advantages should not stop with generic examples. Look at the roles and challenges faced by your business users and think about how they can apply their professional knowledge and skill to refine analysis, share data with others and create meaningful views and visualizations that will increase their value, optimize resources and improve collaboration. You know your business better than anyone. Use that knowledge to provide examples and stories of data use and leverage within your own enterprise!

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Original Post: Consider the Advantages of Augmented Analytics for Your Team!