Can I (or my team) Handle the Citizen Data Scientist Role?

If you are a business owner or a business team member who has been asked to consider the Citizen Data Scientist role, you may be wondering how it all works and whether you (or your team member) can handle the new role.

First, let’s say that Citizen Data Scientists are not business analysts or data scientists. They are business users with domain, market or professional skills who will benefit from using data analytics. The ideal Citizen Data Scientist is a person who is respected in the enterprise, one who shares data and information with others to collaborate and product positive outcomes and one who is curious and likes learning new things. Citizen Data Scientists can be champions within the organization to spread the word and become role models for other team members so that, over time, the business can cascade this approach to all business users and achieve successful user adoption, improve data literacy and engender digital transformation.

Citizen Data Scientists may be IT team members who are interested in data science, or they may be candidates who have an interest in learning data analytics or are power users of other software and like to use technology. Whatever the profile within your business, team members who adopt augmented analytics and use these interactive tools to perform analytics, present data and make decisions can move business processes forward with fact-based decisions and recommendations and improve the quality of these decisions, thereby avoiding missteps. These tools are designed for business users so they can be used daily to perform tasks.

If and when analysis must be refined for strategic purposes, or to further test theories and conclusions, Citizen Data Scientists can work with IT or data scientists to advance the initial analytics and analysts, data scientists or IT can create use cases, and refine the data analysis for use in strategic planning and to address problems that require 100% accuracy.

The Citizen Data Scientist approach is crucial to sustained competitive advantage and to nurturing human resource assets, improving productivity and making the right decisions at the right time. Businesses and users can get ahead of the curve in the market and enable true collaboration.

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