Is There a Better Way to Ensure Timely Software Support and Maintenance?

Like most businesses, yours had probably grown and is vastly different now than it was at its inception. You’ve added software, maybe even built some yourself, and your technology infrastructure has changed to accommodate the changing times, security and user needs, etc. As your technology landscape changes and you add best-of-breed, enterprise applications, mobile apps and other solutions, you find yourself in a much more complex and detailed environment than you anticipated.

If your IT team is busy handling the day-to-day, maintenance issues, scheduled enhancements and other aspects of software and application support can fall behind. Experienced IT consultants can help – not just by performing a one-off task for your team but by being proactive. This type of support can include an assessment of your current state, a discussion about where you want to go and a roadmap to get you there, with services to support your ongoing needs, unanticipated issues and other factors that will affect downtime, access, security, etc.

Here are just a few of the benefits and services included in an expert IT consulting relationship for application maintenance and support:

  • Flexible, availability of IT resources and support without adding permanent staff
  • 24X7 system and support availability and round-the-clock support for all time zones
  • Relevant, cutting-edge technology and trained, experienced resources
  • Proven, dependable delivery and business models and processes and methodologies
  • Customer and partner satisfaction and improved services levels
  • Timely, dependable release of upgrades, patches and bug fixes
  • Optimal leverage of internal IT resources
  • State-of-the-art software engineering practices and standards
  • Comprehensive support for every phase of the software product development lifecycle

If your business is struggling to keep up with upgrades, bug fixes, data migration issues, testing or other factors related to software application maintenance and support, it may be time to think about establishing a relationship with a trusted partner.

Choose an expert – one with plenty of proven experience and dependability, one who will be there now and in the future. Software Application Maintenance and Support.