Encourage User Adoption of Advanced Analytics with NLP Search Analytics!

You have selected an advanced analytics solution and deployed it across your enterprise, but your business users are not cooperating! One of the primary reasons for poor user adoption of this type of tool is that the tools are too restrictive and too difficult to use. Perhaps IT created the dashboards and they do not meet the needs of your business user, perhaps the business user needs help to engage with the system. Your users may have tried their best to use the system but the results they receive when they search are not accurate or do not meet their requirements. An advanced analytics system that is not intuitive, is complex or requires programming skills just to perform a simple search is not going to work for your business.

You can’t possibly anticipate every search your business users will need to perform on any given day or what the needs of every user in every role will be. But, if you provide a search analytics solution that is based on natural language programming (NLP), you take the guesswork and complexity out of searching and allow your users to enter a simple, Google-like search and receive results in natural language (that they can understand).

With natural language-processing-based search capability, users do not need to scroll through menus and navigation. They can enter a search query like, ‘who sold the most polo shirts in IL in May of 2017’, and the system will translate the query, and return the results in natural language in an appropriate form, such as visualization, tables, numbers or descriptions.

Using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), in a self-serve environment, this type of search analytics allows every business user to access and analyze the information they need and will encourage user adoption, improved data democratization, and return on investment (ROI).

If you want to make encourage your business users to adopt and leverage analytics, if you want to change your business culture to nurture data literacy and digital transformation, your best bet is to consider an augmented analytics product that makes it as easy as possible to search for information and get results using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Simple NLP search analytics encourages users to move in the right direction and use the tools you provide. Contact Us to get started, and explore our bonus content here: Explain NLP, Search Analytics and Clickless Analytics.

Original Post : Your Team Will Love Advanced Analytics with NLP Search Analytics!