Becoming a Citizen Data Scientist Requires the Right Support and Tools!

If your business has designated you a Citizen Data Scientist, you may feel intimidated and unprepared to take on the role. You are probably a business professional with a lot of knowledge in your chosen career and area of focus and none in the field of data science or business analysis.

If done right, the transition from business user to Citizen Data Scientist does not have to be difficult. But, if the business plans appropriately and provides the right foundation, the transition can be seamless. That transition takes planning and should include:

  • Review and transition of culture to support data literacy and digital transformation as well as provide the support for business users as they take on the new role.
  • Identification of power users, data champions and those within the business teams who will best exemplify the new role and encourage and support others as they take on this new role.
  • Solutions and systems that will support the new roles and allow business users to easily leverage sophisticated augmented analytical tools like self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and assisted predictive analytics, designed to support business users as they gather and analyze data to support business decisions and to make recommendations.
  • Foundational training to explain and support the new role, identify areas and methods of collaboration, and provide examples, use cases and analytical techniques users can work with to get some practice and to gain confidence.

Starting a new job or taking on a new role or more responsibility is always easier if you have support and if you have the information you need to build confidence and to explain and champion your new role with other team members so that everyone becomes comfortable with the new environment.

Our Article, ‘Provide the Right Augmented Analytics Solution and Features for Business Users’ will provide more detail on these tools and how to select the right augmented analytics solution for your business users.

If your business is planning a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, you don’t have to do this alone! Contact Us to today or Click Here to explore training for Citizen Data Scientists, designed to help you begin your Citizen Data Scientist journey.

Original Post : Don’t Fret! You Too Can Be a Citizen Data Scientist!