Business Users Can Leverage Predictive Analytics Techniques!

Assisted Predictive Modeling Delivers Predictive Analytics to Business Users!

When we use terms like ‘predictive analytics’, it sometimes puts off the general business population. Team members might envision everything from a crystal ball to complex charts and graphs with unreadable numbers and conclusions. While predictive analytics techniques and predictive modeling does include complicated algorithms.



But, Predictive Analytics and data modeling need not be restricted to data scientists. Today’s self-serve Augmented Analytics environment enables data democratization, and encourages business users to dive into data analytics with sophisticated, but easy-to-use tools that provide auto-suggestions and guidance to help users achieve the best fit and ensure that they use the most appropriate algorithm for the data they wish to analyze.

These tools free business users to explore patterns in data so they can gain insight into data to make fact-based decisions. With these tools, a user can apply Assisted Predictive Modeling using forecasting, regression, clustering and other methods to analyze use cases including customer churn, and planning for and target customers for acquisition, identify cross-sales opportunities, optimize pricing and promotional targets and analyze and predict customer preferences and buying behaviors.

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Original Post: Business Users Can Leverage Predictive Analytics Techniques!