You Can Have BI Tools AND R Integration!

Look for a BI Solution with R Integration!
Business Intelligence and R Scripting Integration! When you choose a BI tool that is appropriate for your business users, you may be focused on ease-of-use and on Citizen Data Scientist and data democratization and data literacy initiatives but, don’t forget your analysts, data scientists and IT team members!
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Integrated R Script and BI Tools Is Here!

Can I Get Great Self-Serve BI Tools WITH R Integration?
Is There a BI Tool that Integrates R Script? 'R' is not just a letter in the alphabet! R is a programming language, offered in a free software environment that supports analysts, IT and data scientists in doing tasks that require statistical computing. The R language is very popular and is used in many organizations around the world to support statistical analysis and data mining. When a business implements a business intelligence solution, IT staff, data analysts and data scientists are often put into a quandary. The enterprise is actively using and benefiting from R but the BI tool the business selected forces them to choose between tools to get the job done.
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Integrate Business Intelligence and R Script!

Can I Integrate R Script with Business Intelligence?
R Script and BI Tools Combine for Greater Power and Flexibility! I am all for getting the most out of what I buy, so I like it when a service provider makes my life easier by making their products work with the products I already own, or uses clever methods to allow me to merge, integrate or pair products to get more value. One such example is my business intelligence solution. The BI tool I use integrates with R scripting so my team does not need programming support to achieve integration and everyone in our division can leverage the business intelligence tools and smart visualization features to analyze the R Script output. My team already knows the R Script tool, so this makes our life much easier!
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