User Interface Design is Crucial to Business Success

Make Your Users Happy with Great User Experience Design
Great Ux Design Results in Happy Users! Features and functionality are important to software applications and software products but, without a great user experience designer, the solution is apt to fail. Today's users (whether they are business users or consumers who use a software product to buy products or get information), are more sophisticated and demanding.
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Social Network Portal and User Experience Design Services for U.S. Client

Social Network Portal and User Experience Design Services for U.S. Client
This client wished to develop a social network portal to illustrate credibility through posts and knowledge sharing. Elegant MicroWeb engaged in Ux design and UI development to create an innovative, appropriate design for this social media portal, and completed development of the portal using in the Angular JS framework. Comprehensive portal features included topics, cast streams, voting, broadcast, articles, members, discussion, and member credibility and popularity.Details >

User Experience is THE Most Important Thing

An Awesome User Experience Provides Awesome ResultsYears ago, I worked with talented developers who knew the ins and outs of many technologies and platforms and could spin a stunning website into existence with style. Visitors were impressed with the colors, the animation and the graphics. Years passed, and technology advanced. Users were no longer tied to large desktops. They bought tablets and mobile devices and got used to the look and feel of advanced sites and applications that allowed them to shop, get information and communicate easily and in a way that was intuitive and natural to them.
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When users and customers are happy…so are you! Ux design does the trick


Great Ux design is proven to result in better business performance, user adoption and customer satisfaction. Want more revenue? Pay attention to your user interface!