The Sad Story of Jill’s User Experience Conundrum!

My friend Jill was complaining about her software application development project. She hired a team of developers and, as the project progressed, she realized that the app was not what she had hoped. The problem? The software user experience or, as we like to call it in the technology business: the Ux. The user experience is driven by the user interface design and should ideally, be intuitive and easy to follow so that users can browse, find what they need and, if appropriate to the business model, buy products or services.

Whether your business is media or education, providing information for consumption, or retail sales or appointment-based services like physician or attorney or accounting offices, you need to consider how your customers will use your site and what they will need in the way of navigation and support. You might have great features and functionality but, if your users can’t easily find what they came for, or if they are stuck in a dead end or trying to get answers to a question before they order…if they are doing any of these things, you are going to lose them and they aren’t likely to come back.

In Jill’s case, she was trying to build an analytics interface for her business users. When it comes to complex functions, the Ux or user interface design must also take into consideration the expected level of technology expertise and knowledge of the subject and provide plenty of navigation options to get users to the right information, FAQs, etc. So, you see, Ux isn’t always about animation, colors, fonts, etc. It is also about what the users have access to on a particular page and making sure that the user isn’t frustrated by the lack of information or confused by what they see on the page.

There are plenty of Case Studies to show that businesses that engage Ux experts can work with the team providing the Software User Experience services and build a comprehensive plan to address user needs. Your business can create a step-by-step approach to addressing each need or possible outcome to anticipate the necessary user options and experiences. Software Ux Services are as important – if not MORE important – than any other aspect of Software Re-Engineering, Software Product Development or software app design.  

In any case, you should work with the experts, and here’s how to get started: Software Ux Design.