Elegant MicroWeb worked with a UK eConsulting, Market Research business to design a web-based widget to measure customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. Customers were asked just one question and the responses were analyzed to enhance and improve products and services offered by the organization over the period. In order to meet business objectives the widget had to be easy to configure, and easy to promote and use to obtain maximum responses. Personalized emails were sent, with a unique URL so the users could respond without the need to register. Feedback request could be offered via various web channels.

Elegant MicroWeb analyzed requirements, and designed and built a widget to allow customer managers to create just one question – loyalty question. Once a question is created, customer manager (administrator) can select respondents, design personalized email and rating scale for participant response. Response tracking processes allowed the business to follow-up non respondents and track responses. App also included response analysis and categorization to measure customer loyalty index over the period of time.