The Day Trudy Nearly Hired a Monkey to Develop a Mobile Application


Earlier this year, I had lunch with my friend, David, the tech guru. He helps me look smart with my boss. My company wanted to develop a mobile app for our employees. It had to be GPS capable, allow us to stream audio and video, and support touch screen, web services and web applications. David said to use Symbian.

What’s a Symbian? I consulted my dictionary and found that Symbion is an aquatic animal. That wasn’t it! I also found Simian, which is a monkey. David certainly didn’t want me to hire a monkey to develop my app. I called him and admitted I had no idea what a Symbian was!


A Great Technology Partner Equals Happy Camping


I’m a team player. I have learned the value of collaboration and I firmly believe that partners can achieve more than an individual. Whether you need to bring a fresh, experienced perspective to a problem, or create a new product or service or you want to improve and sustain employee and customer satisfaction, these days it is nearly impossible to get it all done by yourself.When I looked for a technology partner to augment my product and service offerings and provide additional, global expertise, I set some pretty high standards. I wanted a partner with years of experience working in many industries, for all types of clients; one that could grow with my needs; and had existing alliances with IT companies, and consulting companies, business consultants and service providers. They would have to provide services to complement my domain expertise with product development and implementation skills and methodology.