100th of a Millisecond Can Sell a Product or Drive Customers Away


Not so long ago, Google published an article that revealed some interesting facts – and, if you are selling products and services online, you will want to take note of these facts! The Google research reveals that a mere half a second added to the load time for a search results page may erode your traffic and your advertising revenue by as much as 20%.So, what does that tell us, exactly? This research and recent research by Amazon and other major online retailers reveals that online customers and prospects are more sensitive than ever to speed, accessibility and availability of information. Want more evidence of the importance of performance optimization?

Add 100th of a millisecond to your load time and your sales will decrease by 1%

Add 1 second to the expected 2-second page load time and 40% of users will abandon the site or page

Whether you are considering the success of your web site, your pay-per-click marketing campaigns or your internet marketing and social media marketing, you need to accommodate the expectations of your site visitors, followers and prospects or your business will not succeed in its online sales initiatives.


CMS Doesn’t Mean ‘Carefully Manage Socks’

Content Management System

CMS is an acronym. Everyone knows that. But, CMS doesn’t mean ‘Call Me Sometime’, nor does it mean ‘Carefully Manage Socks’. CMS means Content Management Systems and if you are the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in a corporation, or if you are in marketing, human resources, or any other department or division that uses content to drive knowledge or to communicate, you know what CMS means to your business.

When you are planning to upgrade, migrate or create a CMS system, you need to employ an expert. You can use a CMS framework like Liferay, Umbraco, WordPress, Orchard or other frameworks to create your CMS site, but the services of expert CMS designers and developers will set your site apart from others and make it successful for team, customer, partner or supplier use.