ElegantJ BI Launches MDX Connector for Microsoft® MS-SSAS Users to Support Simplified Business Intelligence


ElegantJ BI is pleased to announce the launch of its MDX connector, designed to support data access and integration with third party MDX XML/A providers like Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis services (MS SSAS), SAP® BW, Palo, and Pentaho. The ElegantJ BI MDX connector utilizes industry standard XML for Analysis (XMLA) to ensure interoperability with these BI platforms.

ElegantJ BI is the flagship product of Elegant MicroWeb, a software product and application development company, located in Ahmedabad, India and specializing in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance software.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, “Our ElegantJ BI proprietary MOLAP-based cube engine provides high performance analytics supported by unique Managed Memory Computing, and now with this MDX connector launch, users will have the option of connecting with other BI platforms to take full advantage of their investments in these BI tools and products from other vendors.”


Imagine the Possibilities! BI Tools Take You to the Top!


There is no doubt that business intelligence is making businesses (and their employees) smarter, faster and better at everything from competing in the market to satisfying their customers, optimizing resources and creating new products and services. The popularity of BI Tools is undeniable and, as you might expect, recent studies and research validates the growth of the market, and the ways in which businesses leverage business intelligence to achieve, improve and sustain success.Here are some thought-provoking facts that will give you a better idea of how businesses are using BI tools to succeed:


How’s Your Software Quality and Testing Going? Sorry to Hear That!

Software Testing

Does your company struggle to deliver software product or application development projects on time? Can you deliver high quality products and services to the market, partners and customers on time and on budget? Did you know that technology research firms estimate that up to 80% of technology projects are delivered late, and cost more than originally estimated? These studies report that nearly 80% of technology projects fall short of expectations and quality standards. It is estimated that businesses in the U.S. spend nearly $60 billion annually to ensure that software solutions are error free. If these studies are accurate, the business community could save $22.2 billion/year, simply by focusing on quality standards and appropriate testing, to ensure quality output and eliminate defects in software products and solutions.

Software Testing plays an important role in optimizing business processes, eliminating downtime, and attaining better return on investment (ROI), but the challenge is to provide flexible, functional, dependable applications, software products and technology infrastructure components using in-house IT staff.


Leverage Tally ERP and Other Enterprise Apps with Integrated Analytical BI Tools

The Tally® ERP accounting solutions is one of the most popular accounting software solutions for small and medium sized businesses, helping businesses around the world to manage accounting and inventory records and produce simple reports.

If your business uses Tally, and you want to leverage the data within the system for analytical purposes, it is time to consider, business intelligence software that provides an integrated approach, so Tally users can utilize all the sophisticated analytical capabilities of a BI solution, and perform sales, financial and other analytics, in an affordable, easy-to-integrate and easy-to-implement BI environment.


Gartner Business Intelligence Summit – My Take


I attended the Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management Summit, 2015, held in India on June 9 and 10 in Mumbai.This was my first visit to the Gartner Summit, and I came back with some great insights, thoughts and – most of all – a real validation of the direction we are taking with our ElegantJ BI business intelligence and corporate performance management suite and current and future benefits our solutions provide for our customers and partners.


Volusion® or Bigcommerce? So Many eCommerce Considerations!


Small to medium size businesses are flocking to eCommerce frameworks to leverage the built-in possibilities of customer interaction, product and service presentation and sales and other features. Many of these businesses look at Volusion® and Bigcommerce as possible solutions but, it is sometimes difficult to decide between the two. As with all other business considerations, the enterprise is wise to consider its unique needs. It doesn’t matter whether your competitor down the street runs the same type of business. There will always be differences between your business processes, software integration needs and business user skills, as well as the product and service mix and the features you want to offer your online customers.


Handcuffing Users with Packaged BI Dashboards?

Handcuffing Users with Packaged BI Dashboards?

Business intelligence solutions have come a long way in the past five years with continued innovation and transformation from traditional BI to data visualization and data discovery. With the advent of improved BI tools and accessibility, many businesses are using precious IT budgets to add self-serve business intelligence to their solution infrastructure and put the power of self-serve BI tools into the hands of their employees and business users.


The Way to a Customer’s Heart is Through the User Interface!


Perhaps you are still trying to convince your executive team to employ user experience design services to accommodate user expectations for your enterprise applications. Is your organization debating the need to provide intuitive easy displays on all types of devices from desktops and laptops to tablets and the various screen sizes of smart phones? If that debate is still in the works in your organization, you are not alone!While mobile application development, responsive web design and user interface redesign debates rage on, your business is losing customers and sales conversions and your customer satisfaction is going down the tubes! Think of your user experience in the same way you think of customer service in a brick and mortar store.