Elegant MicroWeb announces Salesforce Cloud Platform Development and Support Services


Elegant MicroWeb announces services for Salesforce Cloud Platform consulting and development services. The Salesforce Cloud platform offers powerful, scalable cloud platform to build web and mobile apps in very short development time, offering unbeatable TCO and ROI. “Our Salesforce development and support team provides expert services to support Salesforce customers and those who wish to migrate to a cloud-based environment,” says Kartik Patel, CEO of Elegant MicroWeb, “Our services include user interface design, development and customization of Apex components, controllers and triggers, Salesforce application development, and other related configuration, implementation, development and customization services on Salesforce1 cloud platform.”


True Data Discovery Can Transform Business Users into Citizen Data Scientists


If you have BI Tools and you have business users who are expected to use these BI tools, you may be frustrated! Are your users struggling to understand a complex system, or are they restricted by dashboards created by IT to satisfy their needs? Is your data integration incomplete or inaccurate. Maybe you think you need business intelligence solution training for business users to become power users.


SIX Questions and SIX Steps to Through-the-Roof, Human-Centric BI and Metrics-Driven Results

Business Intelligence

When considering a BI solution, focus on a human-centric approach to software design. The business is comprised of people (not machines) and software solutions must satisfy user needs, rather than focusing on a particular platform, framework or technology. This human-centric approach is critical to creating any kind of software or interface, but especially so when one considers business intelligence (BI) user interfaces and dashboards. Key Performance Indicators and metrics are key to business success but ease-of-use and intuitive displays, reporting and personalized dashboards are crucial if users are to leverage, and optimize BI solutions, to get the most out of data and information. But, showing the data is not all there is to design. You must show the data in a way that is intuitive and meaningful to users, no matter what their role, focus, function, or skill level.


Customer Retention and Conversion. Great User Experience IS the Answer


At a conference last week, I ran into Rick, an old colleague from a previous employer. Rick told me about a problem he had with a drop-off in conversion on a business website. His company hired a consultant to upgrade their product sales website and create a mobile app so customers could browse and purchase products on smart phones. After the launch, the enterprise noticed a decline in sales on the site, and poor results in user adoption of the sales app.


Do you like WordPress?

WordPress 4.0 and Beyond

With over 4 million downloads, WordPress is a sure fire, can’t afford to miss when it comes to a good solution.

Depending on whom you ask, some would not touch WordPress even if it’s the only option left.

Care to guess why?

Well, WordPress is a framework based on PHP, back then it was just a blog, it was a desired CMS, later it became a CMS and PHP has over two dozen frameworks today.


What Do CXOs Want? Business Intelligence That Offers REAL Rewards!


Gartner, and other IT industry analysts focus heavily on data-driven support for business decision making. Analyst findings indicate that only one quarter of CEOs are happy with the type and clarity of the information they receive and their confidence in the decisions they make based on that information. Furthermore, these same CEOs say that their ideal BI solution would consist of a central, integrated dashboard that would allow them the flexibility to find, analyze and report on information in an ad-hoc environment.


ElegantJ BI Announces ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ Responsive Dashboards


ElegantJ BI is pleased to announce its ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ intelligent user interface (UI) engine for superior mobility across devices. ElegantJ BI is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, and its business intelligence suite offers a true self-serve experience to business users. The suite is powered by a unique UI engine and Managed Memory Computing.“BI tools and mobility are not mutually exclusive,” says ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel. “Many of today’s BI tools vendors claim to support Mobile BI. But when you actually look at the tools, you find that development, publishing, usage scenarios, usability, and effectiveness, fall far short of comprehensive mobility support. To achieve mobility goals, one has to design dashboards and other analytics that are compatible with all manner of devices, from desktops to tablets to mobile devices, and a diversity of screen and device sizes.”


Cloud is not coming, it has arrived!


Cloud is no longer difficult for people to understand, express or accept. There were initial regulations and what not’s that did not make it through for cloud computing to become the stable of almost 95% of enterprise consumers.

If one looks at how everything started, thing were not looking good for cloud. The first and most basic issue for cloud computing was to make sense of the benefits they had to offer.

For those who did not understand that cloud was working in their benefit against a home grown full-fledged operation that runs through fully owned server farms.