When a business is considering a custom ERP project, it will typically start with discussions with the internal IT team. But often, the IT team is unable to accommodate the project. When you ask the IT team, you will hear one or more concerns or reasons for delay or downright refusal to take on the project.

“We can get to it, but we will have to postpone other projects.”

“We can do it, but it will have to be next year, or the year after.”

“Our team doesn’t have the skills to complete the design and development.”

“We will need to hire more staff and we don’t have the budget for that.”

These are just a few of the issues the team will raise during the discussion. And, there are other risks inherent in this discussion. The IT team may feel pressured to get the job done and may take on the project. But, instead of success, the project may experience delays, fall short of expectations or result in outright failure.

So, why would an enterprise decide to pursue this type of project? In this article, we discuss three of the many reasons your business should consider custom ERP development.

3 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Custom ERP Development

Improve Productivity and Collaboration

When a custom ERP solution is developed and implemented, it can improve workflow, streamline business processes and provide access to business users and team members. The custom ERP solution may include mobile access to allow team members to perform tasks, report, review alerts and participate in projects, approvals and other activities in the office and on the road. Custom ERP development can include integration of data from other systems and software within the organization and bring together critical data for reporting, analytics and task completion. The business can engender collaboration and cascade information, provide training, manage events and connect managers and teams.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Decrease Time to Market

The success of an organization is dependent on clients and customers. These all-important stakeholders must embrace products and services and, if the business is run efficiently and effectively, customers and clients will anticipate new products and sustain relationships with the company. To achieve this goal, the business must operate with flexibility, understand its competitors, encourage data literacy among its team members and enhance digital transformation, using systems and solutions to improve time to market, complete tasks more quickly and make well-informed decisions. Custom ERP solutions can bring together people and data and provide support for decisions on suppliers, inventory, pricing, products, etc.

Expert Custom ERP Development Ensures Success

When a business has an idea for a custom ERP solution, it must carefully consider how to tackle the project to ensure success. As with any other business task, success is ensured by putting the right people in the room and using their knowledge, skill and experience to achieve the goal. An expert customer ERP development team provides technical and leadership skills to design, develop, configure, integrate, test, and implement the solution and can provide training, maintenance and support as required. In other words, the team can complete the project lifecycle with detailed service level agreements (SLAs) and quality methodologies and processes to support all aspects of the development project, including security and privacy concerns, project reporting, and even training for the IT team.

There are many other reasons to accept the challenge of creating a custom ERP solution. With the right support and planning, the business can achieve its goals and enjoy the results of the project without going over budget or project schedules. 

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