Visual Analytics is Important to Advanced Analytics!

The Importance of Data Visualization Cannot be Overstated!

Data visualization may not seem important, but the way you see data can provide additional insight or it can muddle the picture to the point where you will miss critical issues or opportunities. The importance of data visualization is even more evident when that data is being analyzed by business users who are not likely to see data in an analytical way and probably do not have the knowledge or skill required to change visualization techniques to accommodate a particular type of data.



But, with the right tools, Visual Analytics can tell a tale in a way that no other technique can. If you expect your business users to leverage advanced analytics tools you can provide data visualization examples or you can implement an augmented analytics solution that offers Smart Data Visualization. The best interactive data visualization provides auto-recommendations and suggestions so that users can select the best method for visualizing the data.

Data Visualization Tools enable users to identify relationships, patterns, trends and opportunities and to explore detailed data with simple drill down and drill through capabilities and make sense of data from all sources, with a guided approach that allows users to identify patterns and trends, and quickly complete analysis with clear results.

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