Augmented Data Discovery Helps Business Users Achieve Results

Augmented Analytics is the Key to User-Friendly Business Intelligence!

Augmented Analytics and augmented data discovery is a form of advanced data discovery that automates data insight using machine learning and natural language generation. It automates data preparation and makes it easy for business users to enjoy data sharing.



Advanced Analytics uses sophisticated techniques and algorithms in an automated environment to simplify the analytical process for the average business user, so users are presented with clear results to use in making decisions and analyzing problems. The augmented analytics approach provides better clarity and insight than the more traditional forms of analysis.

The world of data analytics is no longer restricted to IT, data scientists and analysts. If your business is going to be productive and successful it must allow business users to access intuitive tools with sophisticated features, so that the entire team can work from the same data and share that data in reports and graphics that will help he organization achieve its goals.

Advanced Analytics Tools allow the average business user to analyze and display results in a clear manner to make informed, unbiased decisions. Users can compare results against plans and forecasts, and explore and present data using data science modeling, algorithms and auto-suggested data displays, so the organization can build and sustain a competitive advantage. Augmented Analytics provides clear results in context so users can drill down to find the root cause of a problem and discover subtle patterns and trends that will help the business achieve its goals.

There are many benefits to the Smarten and Augmented Analytics approach to business intelligence. If you want to take advantage of these benefits and add value to your organization, Contact Us.