If you think its tough working with a person who is insecure, you should try managing an insecure business! Whether your business is global, regional or local, your business strategy must include a security component and comply with relevant standards, including industry standard information security, data security, application standards and interface standards with mysterious names like ISO, W3C, BobbyAA and eGIF. Your company might also be required to enforce legal compliance standards or comply with government and industry regulations like HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Wow! That’s a lot of security!


If you are feeling insecure about your data and information security, you first have to analyze your existing security and compliance environs and develop or revise the strategy to adequately protect the company, and its employees, customers and stakeholders. You have to consider the security of business data, proprietary and confidential information and the critical data entrusted to your organization by customers, suppliers and partners. That includes internal business information, business strategy, proprietary data, financial information and personnel. You’ll also have to secure the data that is managed or used by the organization in dealings with stakeholders and collaborators or service providers.

To create and implement appropriate security standards, you’ll have to study of the guidelines and compliance standards for application security, interface standards, and other governmental and industry regulations and plan and execute specific strategies to achieve strict compliance across all platforms and application technologies.

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