Begin Your Digital Transformation with Augmented Analytics!

How Can My Business Begin Digital Transformation? How About Augmented Analytics?

If you read industry and technology journals, you have probably seen the term, ‘digital transformation’. So, what is digital transformation Gartner asked, and here is what the Gartner glossary of terms says about that: ‘Digital business transformation is the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model.’ So, that is the digital technology business definition and that definition will translate differently for every organization in terms of where the enterprise will begin to focus the transformation process and how it will get to its goal.



Among the many digital transformation examples one might find in an organization is the focus on data democratization and the introduction of initiatives to encourage and support Data Literacy among an enterprise team at the business user level. You can find numerous digital transformation articles online today but when it comes to your own business, you will have to decide how and where to focus your initiative.

One such starting point might be Advanced Analytics. With the introduction of advanced analytics to the business user community, the organization can encourage the adoption, sharing and popularity of data and support fact-based decision making to achieve its goals and objectives. Business users that employ Augmented Analytics Tools can leverage sophisticated analytics, forecasting and predictive algorithms and techniques, smart data visualization, tools that utilize machine learning, simple search analytics and natural language processing (NLP) to achieve better results and, in the process, to become more data literate, allowing data scientists and IT staff to focus more on strategic projects.

In short, transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists is a great place to start your digital transformation initiative. This type of engagement builds confidence and comfort with technology, data and analytics and allows the organization to better leverage its resources and build skills within the enterprise.

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