Business Users & Data Scientists Benefit from Citizen Data Scientist Initiatives!

A business that does not optimize its resources is doomed to fail. In this rapidly changing business environment and market, every organization must make the best of precious human resources. No one has enough funding to hire additional resources to get the job done and, when there are extra funds, those funds are quickly earmarked for new products, marketing and other crucial activities.

‘A Citizen Data Scientist training program; will provide a solid foundation from which to launch this initiative and help to build business user confidence.’

Just as markets benefit from disruption, the enterprise too can benefit from disruption. Implementing initiatives to democratize data and improve Data Literacy is a good way to disrupt the culture and transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists. When business analytics is brought to the team member level it can provide crucial support and an environment where team members can leverage their core skills and knowledge and combine that knowledge with Data Analytics to innovate, solve problems and support organizational goals.

Gartner predicts that ‘By 2023, overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical and domain-specific augmented analytics solutions.’ In order to encourage this adoption, businesses must embrace the concept of Citizen Data Scientists and empower their business users with the tools they need to make fact-based decisions and to improve data literacy.

By implementing this type of strategy, Data Scientists can focus on strategic initiatives while business users are free to make confident day-to-day decisions, share data and perform Advanced Analytics, all without the assistance of IT professionals or analysts. By providing sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to business users, the organization can free data scientists to perform strategic tasks and use their skills more effectively. When and as daily business user analytics requires refinement to improve accuracy for strategic decisions, the Citizen Data Scientist and Data Scientist can collaborate to ensure optimal results.

A Citizen Data Scientist can add significant value to the organization and, as business users adopt Business Analytics tools, and data is shared, power users will emerge and the enterprise will gain insight into the type of data and reporting that is crucial to the organization and can help to plan, forecast and identify opportunities.

Citizen Data Scientists Improve Productivity in the Enterprise!

Benefits to Business Users

  • Support for Day-to-Day Business Decisions
  • Insight into Data, Trends, Patterns, Problems and Opportunities
  • Dependable Hypotheses and Prototyping
  • Improved Business Agility and Effectiveness
  • Timely, Accurate Decisions
  • Organizational Responsiveness
  • Alignment with Business Objectives and Metrics
  • Reusable, Sharable Analytical Models to Encourage Collaboration

Acquiring New Skills

  • Reduce Daily Requests from Business Users
  • Ability to Develop Useful Analytical Models
  • Ability to Focus on Strategic Projects
  • Ability to Focus on Projects Requiring 100% Accuracy and Data Science Tools and Knowledge

‘Implementing initiatives to democratize data and improve Data Literacy is a good way to disrupt the culture and transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists.’

Transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists, provides advantages to the organization, to the business users and to data scientists. For the enterprise considering this type of initiative, it is important to help business users understand the new role, as well as the augmented analytics solutions they will use and the analytical techniques they will employ. Citizen Data Scientist Training provides a solid foundation and builds business user confidence. The business should also consider engaging an IT consulting partner with knowledge of the augmented analytics market, and a solution and support services to provide the guidance and Products And Services your business will need to succeed.

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