PHP is a Magic Potion: Looking for a Dependable, Affordable Software and Web Site Development Framework? Look No Further

PHP is a server-side scripting language that enables web development, and can be used for all types of programming. Its popularity has exploded in recent years. So much so that the last estimate of PHP installations and site designs indicated that PHP was used to power nearly 250 million web sites around the world. There has been an explosion of Details >

The Business Case for Flexible Web Design Must Distinguish Between Responsive & Adaptive Web Design

RWD (3)
There has been some confusion about the difference between RWD and AWD, and within the last year, the terms have often been used interchangeably in the press. The concept and practice of flexible design is critical to creating websites that respond and flex to the display environment on desktops, smart phones, tablets and mobile devices. Credit for coining the 'Responsive...

Don’t Chase Social Media Bot Phantoms! Use Business Intelligence to Focus on Real Customers/Markets

Have you noticed that it is getting harder to tell the difference between human beings and bots? Bots are getting smarter and more sophisticated, and because they simulate human behavior, it is getting harder to tell the difference between bots and human beings. To complicate issues further, there are service providers who offer ‘pay-for-followers’ services to make it look...

How Can a Business Accurately Plan for the Future of Business Intelligence When Needs Change Every Day?

Business Intelligence
It used to be that a corporation or enterprise could dictate software and technology solutions and expect users and team members to fall in line. Whether the solution was user-friendly or supportive of an end-user's role, the employee had no say in adopting and embracing the software and using it for everyday business analysis. Today, users play a very important role in informing the direction...