Smarten announces the recent certification of its Smarten Augmented Analytics Software product by CERT-IN. CERT-IN, or the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, is an India government-approved organization for upholding information technology (IT) security, and is a well-renowned application security standard, respected within the technology community. It was initiated in 2004 by the Department of Information Technology for implementing the provisions of the 2008 Information Technology Amendment Act. CERT-IN certification is provided by a CERT Empaneled Security Auditor following a detailed security audit to review all components of the organization network including websites, systems, applications, etc. After completion of the testing procedure, the certificate is provided to show that all requirements were met.

Smarten Augmented Analytics Receives CERT-IN Certification for Its Products and Services

Smarten CEO, Kartik Patel says, “The CERT-IN certification for our Smarten suite of software products is an important credential. Our team is honored to receive this acknowledgement of our process and our methodologies, and the application security standards our team has implemented on the Smarten platform. Our clients can take comfort in the credibility and the dependable products and services this certification ensures.”

The Information Technology Amendment Act of 2009 designated CERT-IN as the national agency to perform functions for cyber security, including the collection, analysis and dissemination of information on cyber incidents, as well as taking emergency measures to handle incidents and coordinating cyber incident response activities. CERT-IN also issues advisories, guidelines and white papers for security practices. As a certified CERT-IN service and product provider, Smarten adds additional security assurances to its already rich foundation of security measures and methodologies to support clients, partners and stakeholders.

“The CERT-IN review and evaluation process provides a comprehensive and crucial validation of our products and services, and assures that our clients can be confident in our team, our processes, and our methodologies and the data and application security validation the CERT-IN certification assures,” says Patel.

The CERT-IN certification increases and improves security and provides a multi-layered approach to ensure that Smarten products and services are in compliance with privacy, regulatory and security standards.

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About Smarten

The Smarten approach to business intelligence and business analytics focuses on the business user and provides Advanced Data Discovery so users can perform early prototyping and test hypotheses without the skills of a data scientist. Smarten Augmented Analytics tools include Assisted Predictive Modeling, Smart Data Visualization, Self-Serve Data Preparation Sentiment Analysis and Clickless Analytics with natural language processing (NLP) for search analytics. All of these tools are designed for business users with average skills and require no special skills or knowledge of statistical analysis or support from IT or data scientists. Smarten is listed in multiple Gartner Reports including Gartner Data Preparation Report, the Market Guide for Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms and the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Report for the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Suite.

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