BI Tools: Integrate, Embed and SUCCEED!

330x260xsystem-connection There is one thing I know about people and that is that they like things to be simple and easy. If your favorite shopping area is a mile from your house, you won’t drive an extra five miles to get to that great store on the outskirts of town. You might drop by if you happen to be in the neighborhood, but the business owner can’t count on your business on an ongoing basis.
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IT and Accounting Pros Can Satisfy Standards and Security Compliance and Reporting with BI Tools

In the new world of government regulation, the technology (IT) team and accounting team are both required to monitor, manage and report on financial and regulatory and business process compliance. These auditing requirements are meant to ensure that financial, planning and operational systems are adequately controlled and protected. Industry and governmental compliance requirements are meant to ensure the adequacy and integrity of auditing processes and regulatory compliance including business processes designed to ensure compliance, as well as document management, content management, data consolidation, reporting processes and other facets of business, data, customer, user and systems management. ###Details >

Great Data Governance and Self-Serve BI – YES! It’s Possible

Self-Serve-Data-Preparation (1) We all know the definition of the word ‘anarchy’! The dictionary describes ‘anarchy’ as: ‘a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.’ When it comes to data governance, no business wants to risk data anarchy.
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Gartner Report, Competitive Landscape: BI Platforms and Analytics Software, Asia/Pacific Lists ElegantJ BI as Niche BI & Analytics Vendor

ElegantJ BI, a leader in Business Intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce that its suite of Business Intelligence and Performance Management tools was listed in the Gartner August, 2016 Competitive Landscape: BI Platforms and Analytics Software, Asia/Pacific Report. The ElegantJ BI solution was included in this report as a Niche BI and Analytics Vendor in Asia/Pacific.
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Right Tool, Right Time, RIGHT NOW! Self-Serve BI vs Restricted Dashboards/Access

Mobile-BIHave you ever been frustrated because you didn’t have the right tool for the job? You know what I’m talking about. You need something now – information, or a tool – but you don’t have access. AH! So aggravating. Now, consider your business intelligence situation:
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You Need Data Scientists for Predictive Analysis– Myth#6


Debunking Common Business Intelligence Myths Myth #6: You Need Data Scientists to Employ Predictive Analysis in Your Organization

Every enterprise, large or small, must have access to sophisticated, easy-to-use business intelligence tools in order to compete in local, regional and global markets. When organizations undertake the process of researching and selecting a business intelligence tool they find that the market is crowded with all manner of tools and that the claims and myths surrounding the BI tools market can make it very difficult to sort through the confusion and select a business intelligence solution that is right for business users and for the enterprise.
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Business Intelligence For Financial Services: BI Case Study

The client is a leading financial securities services firm, who is a respected corporate member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. The company offers online digital contacts, transparent trading practices and extends personalized customer service and support.
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Business User Involvement in Data Analysis is CRITICAL to Business Success

End User Data Preparation is Crucial

In the study, 85% of respondents indicated that end user data preparation is “important to critical” with 65% considering it “very important to critical.” Your Business Need Self-Serve, Deep Dive Analytics and BI Tools.

Original Source - Business User Involvement in Data Analysis is CRITICAL to Business Success


Welcome to the Data Buffet! Self-Serve BI Tools to Satisfy Every Appetite

What if you paid for a self-serve buffet but you were only allowed to eat the items someone else picked for you, or you could only go to certain self-serve stations, while others were off limits? You wouldn’t be happy! Especially if you had to pay full price for the experience!
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Mobile BI for Business Users is Too Expensive – Myth#5

Mobile BI

Debunking Common Business Intelligence Myths Myth #5: It is Expensive and Time-Consuming to Give Mobile BI to Business Users

There is no way to avoid the hype and claims swirling around the business intelligence market today. But, if your organization is trying to institute a self-serve BI initiative, choose a new BI tools solution or change from one BI solution to another, it must first debunk the myths surrounding the market and dispense with the market hype. Otherwise, the enterprise is not likely to achieve its goals, empower its business users or enjoy the rapid ROI and low TCO it requires. If you find it difficult to sort through the buzz and choose the right BI tools, don’t be discouraged. We can help!
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