Case Study: Performance Management, Benchmarking Product Development & Maintenance

Elegant MicroWeb created a solution for a performance management and benchmarking consulting business to provide a data-secured, web-based Performance Monitoring, Improvement and Analysis solution with performance optimization tools designed around the principles of knowledge and activity-based management.
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Case Study: Benchmarking Consulting Co. Moves XLS Calculations to Online Solution

A UK consulting firm engaged Elegant MicroWeb to design an online bench-marking system to replace the existing bench-marking process which was managed by spreadsheet, and transfer complex calculations to a flexible online system that would allow for redesign of benchmark parameters and standards and integration with workflow and user management. Elegant MicroWeb created a web-based application to capture and analyze the benchmark position of an organization versus the average, and identify world-class performance and best practices.
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Psychology of Software Product Development

You know what would be boring…? A lesson on psychology! So as to make the article interesting, let us progress with a story arc format consisting of the good, the bad and the funny side! Product-Development-Psychology
The Good Side of the Story! We have known people and have worked for people who understand nothing about technology, but have a defined domain knowledge or expertise or clarity of purpose to pursue use of technology to expand their skills to a global arena through automation made feasible by technology. By automation, we are specifically talking about delivering value through use of software, rather than manual tasking. Say for instance, an auditor who does auditing of major hospitals, food & beverage industries have found that the process could be optimized by use of an iPad type device that will carry the standardized forms for compliance regulation and works, just works! On both offline and online mode. This simplification is a welcomed simplification; business needs efficiency, less paper work, more quality coverage and accuracy. This forms the clarity of purpose behind the development of software product. Software-Product-Development
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Awesome Responsive Web Design (RWD) Part One: The Devil is in the Details!

Buzzwords like bring your own device, responsive web design (RWD), adaptive web design (AWD), mobile first and content first are flying through the offices of every technology team and IT consulting firm on the planet! In concept, these considerations apply to every business and consumer application in the design, migration or upgrade phase in today's business world. However, building a high performance, heavy data centric, multi device mobile business solution is challenging! Software Product Development and, in particular, Product Development, Management and Support (PDMS) must include a serious consideration of RWD and software usability improvements.
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Let's Get This Straight: Software Product Development Isn't The Same As Application Development

The difference between Application Development, Maintenance and Support (ADMS) and Product Development, Maintenance and Support (PDMS) is not always obvious to businesses. But if an enterprise is considering a software product launch, it is imperative that the management team understands that difference! Employing ADMS skills and resources to complete a PDMS project is very likely to result in project failure.The investment and time required to conceive, design and develop a software product is significant, and it can be overwhelming. The software product development and design process includes competitive analysis, technical feasibility, product roadmap management and implementation and timely upgrades of the product to satisfy the ever-changing user and technology needs. If your business wants to successfully create and launch a software product, the project must be managed with optimum standards of software engineering and it must comply with the business plan and financial projections for the product. Software Products Development must include state-of-the-art software engineering practices, appropriate technical architecture, versioning control, detailed technical and user documentation and high development and quality standards.
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