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My IT Consultant is My Best Friend


Why can’t your IT consulting partner be like your best friend? Your best friend is always there to answer your call. When you are in trouble, your best friend helps you out. When you are having trouble making a decision, your best friend is the voice of wisdom. You can always count on your best friend to be on the other end of the phone when something important happens in your life.

Imagine a world where your technology partner and IT consultant is ‘always there for you’. Wouldn’t that be great? Pick up the phone and get experienced, skilled assistance. Ask a question and get an answer. Imagine a world where your IT consultant fulfills promises and offers creative, informed solutions. Does your best friend care about you? Of course! Does your IT consultant or partner care about you? Are they really focused on your success and on providing you with the best support or do they just make empty promises


Compelling Reasons to Allow Net Neutrality to Continue Uninhibited

Net neutrality is synonymous with open internet wherein no restriction is imposed on the content or communication mode viewed or used by individuals. In the technical jargon, it implies that the Internet Service Provider cannot block or discriminate against any internet application over its network. In common parlance, when net neutrality is violated by ISPs, it is equivalent to saying that your phone company decides which contacts you can speak to over its network and what you can say.

Why is it important?
Net neutrality promotes free speech and allows us to avail applications that can significantly bring down the amount earlier expended on conventional modes of communication.


Want to Succeed in RWD Design? We’ve Got Your Back!


Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD) are hot topics in the development and technology community and with good cause. The surge in mobile application development, software product re-engineering and interest in the user experience (Ux) and in user interface redesign is prompted by the demands of sophisticated consumers and business users. Businesses need to satisfy these demands, whether the user is accessing an application on a desktop, laptop, tablet or any one of the numerous mobile devices and screen sizes.

Responsive Web Design Keeps Your Customers and Users Happy as Clams!


Don’t you hate it when people aren’t responsive? You make a call or send a text or email and the person you are trying to reach just doesn’t respond! That’s rude and unprofessional. The same can be said for unresponsive web sites. How many times have you tried to find information or look for an item you want to buy, only to be frustrated by unresponsive sites that don’t work well on the device you are using?If you are in business, you need to give some serious thought to the concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD), Adaptive Web Design (AWD). You need to serve your customers, users and partners with the software solutions and sites you have designed to promote your business and sell products and services.


Content First, and Mobile First: How To Factor Them Into Responsive or Adaptive Web Design


If your enterprise is considering Responsive Web Design (RWD) or Adaptive Web Design (AWD), it is important to understand that the decision process does not end with RWD and AWD. To successfully design, develop, configure, integrate and implement a flexible web design, the business must also consider the questions related to ‘Content First’ and ‘Mobile First’.’Content First’ and ‘Mobile First’ methodologies are designed to put the emphasis on content prioritization, and to ensure that important information reaches the users, no matter what device they are using. These methodologies are often part of a responsive design strategy, and reflect an approach that allows the enterprise to display important business information to users quickly and with established priorities. If the navigation menu or company message is not clear or if it does not load fast on a smart phone the business may lose clients, customer trust, credibility and revenue. Having a content first strategy will help the enterprise to establish and sustain trust by respecting the user’s time and attention.