Recognize and Address Recent Market Changes with Citizen Data Scientists!

While many of you may follow the research and market analytics provided by Gartner, you may sometimes find yourselves wondering if their predictions and market analysis are correct. When it comes to the predicted transformation of business users into Citizen Data Scientists, that particular transition has been happening for a while now. If anything, the global pandemic has simply made the prediction more pressing than ever.

New issues driven by the pandemic include:

  • Rapid market changes, evolving from the economic impact of the pandemic
  • A shortage of qualified workers, causing competition among businesses for professional workers
  • The ongoing need to work remotely and to allow available workers to work in a more flexible environment

These compounding factors highlight the greater need for businesses to support a Citizen Data Scientist environment, one where business users can optimize their value to the organization with fact-based decisions; one where the organization can provide mobile tools for business users, including easy-to-use analytics that allow every team member to leverage sophisticated tools without the experience of a data scientist.

If we consider recent Gartner strategic planning assumptions, we can see that these assumptions are made even more relevant by the pressures of a pandemic-stressed market.

  • By 2023, 30% of organizations will harness the collective intelligence of their analytics communities, outperforming competitors that rely solely on centralized analytics or self-service.
  • By 2023, 60% of organizations will compose components from three or more analytics solutions to build business applications infused with analytics that connect insights to actions.
  • By 2023, overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical and domain specific augmented analytics solutions.

Whether your management team had already planned for a digital transformation, improved data literacy and data democratization, or your senior team is just now considering it, there is no time like the present. Being able to leverage your precious resources and knowledge and add perspective and insight, will position you well in the market to be competitive and to make more timely, effective decisions.

Making a swift change can help you gain an advantage. Online Citizen Data Scientist training can provide a foundation by helping candidates to understand the role, to gain insight into how augmented analytics solutions can be used in their own business use cases and how analytical techniques can be leveraged to support decisions, approvals, recommendations and workflow. If your organization wants to position itself for growth and stability now and in the future, it is time to explore the possibilities of the Citizen Data Scientist approach and Online Training Options.

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