3 Benefits of Making the Transition from Business User to Citizen Data Scientist!

If you are a business owner, executive or manager, you have already heard about (and are probably implementing) strategies for Citizen Data Scientists. If you are a business user, you may be hearing rumblings of this in your everyday work and wondering exactly what this type of initiative means for you and why you should consider it beneficial.

‘When a Citizen Data Scientist is recognized for their value and contribution, the business user role is elevated.’

Not long ago, the technology research firm, Gartner predicted that ‘…more than 40% of data science tasks will be automated, resulting in increased productivity and broader usage by citizen data scientists.’ While this may not seem like a foregone conclusion, the trend is definitely evolving and your business will probably be jumping on the band wagon, if it hasn’t already.

So, as a business user, considering the transformation to Citizen Data Scientist, what’s in it for you? Let’s consider just three of the benefits inherent in the Citizen Data Scientist transformation and how they can help you, as a business user, to achieve your goals.

Jump on the Citizen Data Scientist Bandwagon!

Acquiring New Skills

Many of us become complacent in our careers and positions but there is no doubt that a fresh approach to skills building will be a benefit. When you transition to a Citizen Data Scientist role, you will be using an augmented analytics solution – one that is designed specifically for business users. So, while you will not be expected to take extensive training, you will find that, as you develop a comfort level with the new augmented analytics solution and the techniques it supports, you will improve your data literacy and your comfort level with using data for decision-making. As you begin to use these skills in your day-to-day work, those skills will become engrained in your work process, thereby increasing your value to the organization.

Streamlining Your Process

We all become accustomed to the standard work and business processes we (and the organization) have developed. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to see how much more nimble and agile our processes can be until we take a step back. By integrating data from disparate data sources across the organization and leveraging user-friendly tools with built-in suggestions and guidance, users can gather information more quickly, gain additional, valuable insight into data and make confident decisions. By streamlining the process, the user community becomes more productive and avoids missteps and rework.

Encouraging Collaboration

Many businesses still struggle with business silos where information is shared only among those on a team or in a business unit. When augmented analytics is employed and the Citizen Data Scientist role is implemented, every business has the tools and access they need to perform their own tasks and to advise other departments and teams on related issues. Collaboration is key to results, and provides an opportunity for business users to work across teams and business units and to be more effective.

Increasing Visibility

Each business user brings a unique combination of technical, industry, professional and business experience. By combining that knowledge and skill with insightful information, a business user can tell a story to support a recommendation or a suggestion, and can provide more appropriate and confident support and perform tasks more effectively. When a Citizen Data Scientist is recognized for their value and contribution, the business user role is elevated and the value of the combined skill set and data analytical capabilities will build a solid foundation for professional reputation.

‘as a business user, considering the transformation to Citizen Data Scientist…you might ask…what’s in it for you?’

If your business is considering transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists, it is important to help business users understand the new role, the augmented analytics solutions they will use and the analytical techniques they will employ. A  Citizen Data Scientist Training Program; will provide a solid foundation from which to launch this initiative and help to build business user confidence. The business should also consider engaging an IT consulting partner with knowledge of the augmented analytics market, and a solution and support services to provide the guidance and Products And Services your business will need to succeed.

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