Offshore Service Providers and Outsourcing Is No Joke!

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There used to be a joke in the business world that went something like this, “What’s the scariest thing you can be for Halloween? An Offshore IT Service Provider!” Today, that joke is no longer relevant, because offshore IT consulting and outsourcing service providers are a proven, valued resource. BUT if you want to be happy with your offshore decision, you must carefully select your service provider. I could talk for hours about the selection process, but since none of us has the time, let me give you some quick tips!Requirements – Before you talk to offshore IT consulting firms and outsource service providers, be sure you understand your requirements. Do you need short-term services for application development or other project related tasks or a long-term partnership for things maintenance, upgrades and support – or both?


Data Integration is the Key to Impressing Trudy’s (and YOUR) boss!


I am not shy about accepting compliments. I am always willing to take a pat on the back, but I also know that I can’t succeed without at team that has the right support and skills. When it comes to IT, I know what I need to know to do my job and I leave the rest to the pros! That’s how I managed to integrate applications and data within my company.I understand that data value is limited unless I can integrate my systems to share, analyze and report. I want to simplify the use of technology without sacrificing functionality.