Natural Language Processing Defeats User Trepidation About Augmented Analytics!

Your business users probably fight you on improving data literacy and on implementing digital transformation. Many business users have a fear of analytics and envision having to become a business analyst or a data scientist in order to fulfill the vision of the business and its Citizen Data Scientist goals.

When presenting these concepts to business users, it is important to make them comfortable with the ideas and the concepts. When a business undertakes a program like this, it can build confidence by demonstrating tools and techniques to business users and showing them how easy it is to leverage augmented analytical tools. Explain how new technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning can take the worry out of the analytical process. These new solutions do much of the work for the business user and allow them to reap the benefits of the analytics in their day-to-day work without having to learn sophisticated techniques.

Providing a real-time demonstration of common use case applications for their business is a good way to show business users how easy it is to get answers to question they ask every day. Whether a sales manager is trying to find trends and patterns to plan for the coming year, or a production manager wishes to develop a maintenance schedule that will mitigate downtime and address equipment issues before they become problems, there are many ways you can demonstrate these results. Show loan managers how to predict which customer profile will default on loans. Demonstrate effective techniques to fitness trainers to reveal which programs and regimens have the most success for a client with a particular demographic, body type etc.

When business users can ask a question, using normal language and get a response that they can clearly understand, it will take a lot of the hesitation and trepidation out of the process and they are more likely to adopt the tools and use them in a way that will fulfill your goals and objectives.

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Original Post : Business Users WILL Adopt an NLP Solution for Analytics!