Smarten is pleased to announce the introduction of its eLearning Workshop, Be a Citizen Data Scientist – Aspire, Inspire, Become. This online course is designed to provide a solid foundation for one’s business and, more importantly, for those members of the team who may be considering as early adopters or champions of the Citizen Data Scientist transformation within their organization.

Gartner defines a Citizen Data Scientist as ‘A person who creates or generates models that leverage Predictive or Prescriptive Analytics but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics.’

Smarten CEO, Kartik Patel says, “By transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists, the organization will enjoy support for data-driven, fact-based decision making, and will gain insight and perspective and clarity.”

The Smarten online course, Be a Citizen Data Scientist – Aspire, Inspire, Becomewill jump start the Citizen Data Scientist initiative. The course is concise and in-depth, but it does not require days or weeks of student investment or commitment.

The Smarten online workshop allows an enterprise to introduce business users and other team members to the concept of Citizen Data Scientists and to better understand the benefits inherent in this approach to data democratization and data literacy. By creating a culture where data democratization is encouraged and team members have the tools, they need to perform data analytics, the enterprise can improve problem solving, identify all manner of business opportunities, improve data literacy throughout the organization, increase productivity for IT, data scientists and business users, reduce missteps and re-work, improve time to market and competitive advantage and bridge critical skill gaps for data science projects and focus.

The online workshop includes a discussion and definition and profile of Citizen Data Scientists, the benefits of a Citizen Data Scientist program, a look at the analytical roles and processes that support this type of initiative, an in-depth review of analytical techniques and algorithms and examples of business use cases that leverage these types of techniques and a walk through of Smarten assisted predictive modeling tools to illustrate how these tools and techniques can positively impact the Citizen Data Scientist journey.

‘The Citizen Data Scientist Journey’ workshop consists of modules that will allow the student to work through the course at his or her own pace. At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to explain the Citizen Data Scientist Concept and its benefits, discuss and use analytical concepts and techniques Including Predictive Analytics Algorithms, leverage Smarten Augmented Analytics Tools, champion the Citizen Data Scientist initiative within the organization and begin the Citizen Data Scientist within her or his organization.

“Gartner predicts that those organizations that engage in Citizen Data Scientist initiatives will outperform businesses that do not take this approach and they will be more competitive and better prepared, by increasing productivity, optimizing resources and making better decisions,” Patel says, “By combining the Citizen Data Scientist approach with augmented analytics, every business can take a significant step forward in digital transformation and data literacy and enable business users to adopt and use the tools that will transform them into Citizen Data Scientists.”

It’s easy to start the Citizen Data Scientist Journey. Get started here. Users are welcome to share the link with colleagues and team members. Spread the word.

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