Clickless Analytics: Search Analytics That is Easy and Fast!

Advanced Analytics with Natural Language Processing (NLP)!

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Clickless Analytics: Advanced Analytics for All!

Natural Language Processing (NLP) takes the shackles off business users and provides advanced search analytics that is as easy as using a search engine. When advanced analytics incorporates natural language processing, business users can formulate questions and receive answers in a way that mirrors human language and writing. They do not need code or specific formats. They can just enter a question and receive an answer.


How Can Clickless Analysis Help Business Users?

Clickless Analytics & NLP Search Analytics for Business Users!

What is Clickless Analytics and How Can It Help My Business?

Natural Language Processing Search Analytics (NLP) is a crucial component of search analytics and smart data discovery in today’s online and technology environment. Consumers and business users are very familiar with the search techniques used by online giants like Google and they expect and demand that same ease-of-use in apps and software designed for business user. NLP search allows business users to create complex searches without endless clicks and complex navigation and commands. Using this type of search analytics, users can access and view clear, concise answers and analysis quickly and easily without the knowledge.


Why is Natural Language Processing Important?

Do I Need Clickless Search Analytics?

What is Clickless Analysis and Why Should I Care?

What is Clickless Analysis, and why is it important to your Advanced Analytics solution? Clickless Search Analytics provides seamless augmented analytics and advanced data discovery, using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), in a self-serve environment that is easy enough for every business user resulting in increased user adoption, improved data democratization, and return on investment (ROI).


Explain NLP, Search Analytics and Clickless Analytics!

Search Analytics, NLP and Clickless Analytics

What Is: Search Analytics, NLP and Clickless Analytics Explained!

What is Search Analytics? When a business user or analyst employs search analytics, it is for the express purpose of gathering content and data from various sources to achieve an analytical outcome. The data is gathered by ‘searching’, often using natural language processing. The benefits of natural language processing are many.


What is Search Analytics and Can it Improve Self-Serve Data Discovery? (Part 2 of 3 articles)

What is Search Analytics and Can it Improve Self-Serve Data Discovery? (Part 2 of 3 articles)

Search Analytics or search-based analytics marks the advent of a new era of business intelligence, in that it allows business users to ask a question using natural language and that question is translated by the system to produce results.