Shopping for Advanced Analytics? Get Self-Serve Augmented Analytics and Succeed!

There are a lot of business intelligence and analytical tools on the market today and if your business has recognized the need to implement this type of solution for self-serve analytics among business users, it is important to understand the advantages of augmented analytics. Advanced analytics benefits are numerous but, when a business chooses augmented analytics tools, it can ensure that its business users have full access to analytical features and sophisticated techniques without having to learn complex systems and without having to acquire data scientist skills. That ease-of-use takes advanced analytics advantages to the next level by democratizing use and allowing for digital transformation and increased data literacy across the enterprise.

The self-serve environment includes Smart Data Visualization, Self-Serve Data Preparation and Assisted Predictive Modeling and these modules offer auto-recommendations and guidance to lead the user through choosing the right visualization for the type of data they are analyzing and to allow users to choose the right predictive analytics technique to accommodate the data as well as the purpose of the analysis. Business users with average skills can use natural language processing (NLP) to ask a question and get a simple answer, providing insight into data integrated from data warehouses and disparate data sources across the business landscape. Users can test theories and hypothesize without risk and share data across teams.

If your business intends to deploy an advanced analytics tool, it is important to consider ease-of-use and the potential for user adoption as well as the flexibility of the solution to accommodate the various levels of security and user access you will require. To achieve the results your business envisions and to transform your business users into Citizen Data Scientists, the business must choose a solution that anticipates how users will want to leverage the solution and allows users to gather and see data in a way that is meaningful to their role and to use features that invite innovation rather than restricting users to static dashboards, reports and data access.

If you are ready to enjoy Advanced Analytics Benefits, you can start today!

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