CeBIT India, October, 2015: ElegantJ BI Reveals the Future of BI Tools

CeBIT India, October, 2015

ElegantJ BI is proud to announce its participation in the world-renowned CeBIT conference in Bengaluru, India, October 29-31, 2015.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, “We look forward to greeting potential partners and customers at CeBIT, for the second year, and to sharing our vision of innovative Business Intelligence.”

ElegantJ BI brings a new perspective to BI tools, and predictive solutions, with a ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ UI engine, and Real Time and Cached Cube options to satisfy varied use cases.


Case Study – Auto Dealer Uses ElegantJ BI to Integrate Tally® and Dealer Management System


ElegantJ BI worked with a renowned automobile dealer in India to improve its reporting and analysis process for daily operations, financial activities, sales, after sales, service and administrative activities.The company wanted an easy-to-use business intelligence tool to gather and analyze information from a Tally® ERP solution and a dealer management system to improve confidence and timeliness of decisions.


The Importance and Benefits of a Well-Conceived User Experience (Ux)


Your customers and business users are sophisticated. They have access to all kinds of apps, software and websites. They know how easy technology can be and how difficult it can be and they have no patience for the latter. Consumers purchase products or services, get information, make a hotel reservation, or buy a movie ticket. Business users leverage software every day to do their jobs, accomplish goals, collaborate and share. The bottom line is that the user experience (Ux) is critical to your business success and can make the difference between user adoption, customer retention and business success. Pay attention to Ux!

Java Experts Deliver More than a Cup of Joe!


To techs and geeks, Java isn’t just another cup of Joe – it’s a powerful programming language that can open up the world for businesses and users alike. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. Java is an object-oriented programming language with built-in application programming interface (API) and platform independence. That might not be important (or even understandable) to the average business person, but what you should know is that it offers a wide range of ready-to-use technologies and frameworks which can help your business create software products and applications for an intuitive user experience (Ux) and give your bottom line the boost you need!


The Price is Right: Liferay CMS


Liferay got created when gods got upset with the general lack of a quality enterprise class CMS. Liferay is a world class Enterprise Content Management framework that allows you to build apps, portlets among many useful, business purpose solutions.

To start with, Liferay is a Portal, a web platform, a CMS, a social collaboration, enterprise 2.0 supportive environment that many of the top companies in the world use.

This can be made in to a product, a solution, a intranet, a knowledge management portal among many, many useful applications for business.

The business potency of Liferay is enormous and hence is among the most desired enterprise class solutions in the world today.

As part of our Price is right study in CMS, we cannot exclude top tier solutions such as Liferay and still find the study to be complete.


Case Study: Japanese Software Business Gets Off-the-Shelf, Industry Vertical Products


A software marketing and support business in Japan engaged Elegant MicroWeb to create an off-the-shelf software solution for small and medium businesses. . The primary objective was to develop Payroll Management, Sales Management, and Financial Accounting Management applications targeted to the Japanese market for various industry verticals.



Ignore the Doom and Gloom: The Right BI Tool Can Deliver the Goods


There are numerous reasons why a software implementation might fail and the list is too long to cover in this article. But, when it comes to Business Intelligence software, there are some common reasons for failure.

Like many other businesses, your enterprise may have entered into the business intelligence (BI) domain with the belief that, as soon as the BI tool was in place, the organization would be magically transformed into a business running at the speed of light, sidestepping every common business issue and making decisions without error or misstep. The fact is that many companies fail to get the most out of business intelligence, even after spending a significant amount of money and time to implement the solution.


Top 5 DevOps… Development Operations


DevOps practices include the creation of a common process for the developer and operations teams; formation of teams to manage the end-to-end provisioning and practices for promotion and release; a focus on high fidelity between environments.We are discussing the top 5 key DevOps in-demand today.1. Application Development Life Cycle Management (ADLM)
This service is about application development & its life cycle management. We achieve this through a suite of technologies and practices that generally includes metadata integration, workflow and process management facilities. The services tie together the management of at least two stages of development, underlying change versions and configurations, and include the ability to customize the process flow of application development, integration and maintenance projects.


Case Study: Construction, Infrastructure Co. Achieves Integration & High Performance with ElegantJ BI


A Construction and Infrastructure Company in Saudi Arabia engaged ElegantJ BI to help them simplify a complex ERP structure of transaction and operational data including HR, Finance, Accounting, Purchasing, and Subcontracting data. ElegantJ BI provided a short implementation and training cycle and a 100% browser-based solution suitable for all users, across all locations and departments, and comprehensive technical and end-user training.