Advanced Analytics Software for All Users!

Augmented Analytics That Will Ensure Business User Adoption
Self-Serve Data Discovery Tools Must be Sophisticated Yet Easy to Use! Self-Serve advanced analytics and data discovery software is an important competitive tool in today's rapidly changing environment. Data resides in a lot of places within the organization and access to that data in an intuitive, integrated environment is important.
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Explore SharePoint Portal Development Services

Expert Microsoft SharePoint Services Can Satisfy Many Needs
SharePoint Customization and SharePoint Experts: A Winning Combination! Microsoft SharePoint is well known around the world as a Content Management System (CMS). It is used by many companies to manage documents, group collaborative efforts, and management of events, blogs, message boards, and other community and sharing sites.
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What Can Multidimensional KPI Analytics Do For My Business?

KPI Dashboards for Business Users and Business Success
How Can Key Performance Indicator BI Tools Help My Organization? KPI analytics is important for every organization, no matter how small or large, no matter what industry or business market. Key performance indicator analytics provides metrics and measures for the business so that the enterprise can define success in an objective manner.
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What Are Data Trends and Patterns, and How Do They Impact Business Decisions?

In this article, we will focus on the identification and exploration of data patterns and the trends that data reveals. The business can use this information for forecasting and planning, and to test theories and strategies. Let's look at the various methods of trend and pattern analysis in more detail so we...

Transforming Brick and Mortar Retail to eCommerce Sales Takes Planning

Transforming Brick and Mortar Retail to eCommerce Sales Takes Planning
The world of brick and mortar retail has changed drastically in the past twenty years and it continues to change. As we watch large and small retailers go out of business or close locations, we are forced to contemplate the undeniable consequences of online sales. While some retailers have found a comfortable balance between physical stores...

Software ReEngineering: The Road to Future Success

Software Re-Engineering: The Road to Success
Ux, Architecture and More for Comprehensive Software Re-Engineering! If you have been in business for a while, you know that, over time, things can get a little rusty and processes and activities can become rote. One of the greatest risks inherent in the business aging process is the use of outdated technology and, with the rapid pace of change in the market today, you...

KPIs are NOT Just for Monitoring

Dynamic KPI Analytics for All Business Users
KPIs That Go Beyond Static Monitoring To Get To The Heart of the Matter! Everything today is about metrics and measurements. Your boss, my boss, every executive wants to see numbers, statistics, graphs and charts that show progress or analyze problems. Modern business intelligence includes tools to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) but, when you are looking...