Why is Natural Language Processing Important to Enterprise Analytics?

Why is Natural Language Processing Important to Enterprise Analytics?
The impact of natural language processing (NLP) on the productivity and decision quality within an organization cannot be overstated. As simplified search analytics expands into all corners of the enterprise, the business can expect business users to embrace advanced analytics and, in so doing, to become more of an asset to the organization.
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Software Product ReEngineering Keeps Customers Happy!

Software Application ReEngineering Can Save Your App!
Software Re-Engineering is Like Home Renovation. You Need to Hire an Expert! So, your business spent a whole lot of money creating an app and, in a few short years, that app is woefully behind the times. Before you decide to scrap the foundation and start over, with the resulting high cost and lengthy development process ahead of you), know this: in...

Social BI Tools Enable Business Users!

Social BI Expands Organizational Knowledge!
Social Business Intelligence Engenders Sharing, Collaboration and Results! You would have to be living on another planet to avoid social networking these days. The concept has permeated our lives and that includes the business environment. Whether you are engaging in online outreach to your customers and partners or encouraging sharing of data within your organization,...

Assisted Predictive Modeling for Business Users!

Assisted Predictive Modeling Improves Forecasting!
How Can I Leverage Assisted Predictive Modeling to Benefit My Business? Some people hear the term ‘assisted predictive modeling’ and their eyes cross. They immediately presume that we are talking about something complex and certainly NOT for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. This seemingly complex term actually describes a technique that is...

The Smarten Advanced Analytics Team Will Participate in the Vibrant Global Summit, Jan 18-22, 2019

The Smarten Advanced Analytics Team Will Participate in the Vibrant Global Summit, Jan 18-22, 2019
ElegantJ BI is pleased to announce that it will participate in The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019, where it will engage with partners and clients and demonstrate its Smarten product and innovative approach to advanced analytics. The Summit will take place at the Mahatma Mandir Exhibition...

Offshore Application Security Testing Can Help Your Business!

Can I Get Help with Application Security Services?
Does Your Business Need Help with Application Security Services? When a business undertakes the development of an application, software product or website, it is crucial to thoroughly test the app, product or site before going live. The reputation of the organization is on the line when a new product or service is launched and consumers and users rarely give a company...

Analytics for Telecommunication: Achieve Your Business Goals!

Can BI for Telecommunication Help Our Biz to Achieve Goals?
Business Intelligence for Telecommunication: Your Secret Weapon! Much of the telecom business is based on understanding the user base and the usage of the products and services. Understanding the volume and expectations and planning for future growth are key to continued success.