Business Intelligence Services Can Get You Started!

Let a Business Intelligence Consultant Help You Integrate BI!
How Can Business Intelligence Consulting Services Help My Business? If your business wants to democratize data and provide access to business intelligence tools to satisfy the needs of every business user, you may want to engage a business intelligence consultant to help you better understand your requirements for data and systems integration...

Proven, Rapid ROI Assures Project Funding for Augmented Analytics Projects

Proven, Rapid ROI Assures Project Funding for Augmented Analytics Projects
As business organizations fight for competitive advantage, funding for projects and large expenditures can fall by the wayside. In today’s competitive business market, every senior executive looks at risk, value and calculations like return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) before approving a budget.
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Visual Analytics Software and Predictive Analytics Made Easy!

Predictive Analytics for Business Users!
Data Science and Predictive Analytics Made Simple! Imagine a world where data science and predictive analytics tools are created for business users! That world exists today with the evolution of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that include predictive analytics for business users, visual analytics software and tools, and self-serve data preparation.
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Developing an Android App Does Not Have to be Difficult!

Android Application Development by Skilled Experts!
Create an App for Android with Assistance from Skilled Experts! The Android device market is growing by the day and businesses are taking advantage of their popularity by developing an Android app to sell in the market. The Google mobile operating system (OS) is designed as open source to allow Android app developers to leverage the OS and create new, innovative...

Augmented Analytics Makes Advanced Analytics Simple!

Data Preparation Tools and Advanced Analytics for All!
Augmented Analytics Tools and Data Prep Tools Make Life Easy for Business Users! In today’s world, advanced analytics is for everyone. There is no reason to limit access to data preparation software or advanced predictive analytics to data scientists, analysts and IT staff. The evolution of augmented analytics and intelligence augmentation has created...

Design a Mobile App to Support Business Success!

Smart Watch, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile Apps!
Do I Need Expert Help to Develop Smart Watch, Smart Phone and Mobile Apps? If you think application development is the same for smart watches and smart phones as for desktops, think again! I have a friend who hired an IT consultant to work on a software product that was meant to sell into the smart watch and smart phone market and she was sorely disappointed...

Do I Really Need a Mobile BI Solution?

Mobile BI is Key to Resource Optimization!
Does My BI Solution Need to be Mobile? How can any business today be willing to accept a BI solution that has little or no mobile capability? Not only do most businesses have staff members on the road, but most businesses have staff members who work from home at least part of the time or those who extend their working hours outside the office.
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Elegant MicroWeb Supports Technology Development Board (TDB), New Delhi With Innovative Apps and Sites

Elegant MicroWeb Supports Technology Development Board (TDB), New Delhi With Innovative Apps and Sites
Elegant MicroWeb worked with the Technology Development Board (TDB), New Delhi, an Indian Government organization, to deliver technology solutions in support of TDB's mission and vision. The Technology Development Board engaged Elegant MicroWeb to redesign its website with responsive...