This Client is a leading Financial Services and market data intelligence provider based in the United States. Its primary business focus is financial and commodity market intelligence and analytics. The Client offers cloud-based and real-time data access through a webservice interface to their clients, to enable clients to search financial and market data across multiple stocks, commodities, and exchanges around the world.


The Elegant MicroWeb team collaborated with the Client to conceive, design, develop, configure, implement, deploy and train users to meet objectives for the project and the solution. Elegant MicroWeb developed a comprehensive webservices interface based on requirements and optimal recommendations to achieve acceptance criteria and deliver result to users in less than 3 seconds. The new solution and interface queries more than 400 million records, and returns results within less than 3 seconds. It also provides the flexibility to perform aggregation, group by operations within a request and receive results within the expected time. Elegant MicroWeb continues to support and enhance this solution with a dedicated team allocated to the project, working closely with the Client technical and business team to achieve objectives, and to add data elements to the interface.