Case Study: UK Direct Marketing, Profiling Intelligence Data Provider Gets Online Demographic/Geographic Data Analysis

Elegant MicroWeb worked with a UK direct marketing and profiling intelligence data provider from concept through design, development and implementation to create an online demographic and geographic data profiling and analytical tool. The solution allowed for registration, criteria selection, order management, account management and administration. The business enjoyed the benefit of the tools as well as the value of Elegant MicroWeb domain and market expertise throughout the complete life cycle of the project.
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Offshore is AWESOME! Get Yourself a Secret Weapon

I recently met a colleague at a conference and we were talking about the importance of partnerships. I told my colleague that for a number of years, our business has leveraged offshore services and he seemed quite surprised. That conversation reminded me that many people are still under the impression that offshore partnerships are unwieldy, undependable and result in poor outcomes. Nothing could be further from the truth. The key to a successful offshore partnership is the same as the key to any relationship. You have to choose the right partner!
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Case Study: Benchmarking Consulting Co. Moves XLS Calculations to Online Solution

A UK consulting firm engaged Elegant MicroWeb to design an online bench-marking system to replace the existing bench-marking process which was managed by spreadsheet, and transfer complex calculations to a flexible online system that would allow for redesign of benchmark parameters and standards and integration with workflow and user management. Elegant MicroWeb created a web-based application to capture and analyze the benchmark position of an organization versus the average, and identify world-class performance and best practices.
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It Just Ain't That Hard to Find a Great Offshore Outsourcing Partner

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Don’t make a bad mistake! Take a gander at our white paper on finding and selecting the best offshore outsourcing or offshore development partner!

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"Offshore Outsourcing" - The Movie: Coming Soon to a Continent Near You!

I love going to the movies! I sit back, relax and lose myself in a world of fantasy. But, when it comes to technology, I can’t afford to get lost in fantasy. Without the right data, mobile access and dependable infrastructure and applications, my business will fall on hard times and my movie will not have a happy ending! If I directed a movie about my own technology experience, I would call it ‘The India Advantage’. I would be the star! My co-star would be my Oscar-winning offshore outsourcing company! Make your own award-winning technology movie with offshore development and offshore outsourcing services from a co-star with a wealth of experience in software development, programming services, staff augmentation, project management, application and product development, maintenance and support and infrastructure management.
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Dependable, Affordable Offshore Outsourcing

So, you think you know offshore outsourcing? Elegant MicroWeb can shine a new light on offshore development and offshore outsourcing services. Our offshore development center has a dependable utility infrastructure and a rich source of IT skills. For over ten years, Elegant MicroWeb has served clients and partners with offshore outsourcing arrangements that provide software products and services, software development, programming services, project management, application development and maintenance, content management systems and portals, and infrastructure management. Our proven, affordable offshore outsourcing services, processes and methodologies are designed to provide timely project completion, and long-term support to meet every client requirement. Our vast experience with global clients enables us to meet the challenges of working across time zones, and geographic and cultural boundaries. We have clients in Australia, UK, USA, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and the Far East, including IT companies, consultancy, and technology, web and eCommerce businesses.
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What the Heck is OpenGL and Can it Really Help My Business?

Is there anyone out there in the technology profession who hasn't yet heard of OpenGL? If so, let me tell you about this program. OpenGL enables unique application development and provides rendering, texture mapping, special effects, and stunning visualization, all with cross-platform flexibility and mobile application deployment. The OpenGL solution satisfies even the most complex requirement for visual computing applications and provides fast, dependable 3D animation speed and visual simulation with high-quality and cutting-edge performance. OpenGL supports mobile applications and has a popular open graphics tool library that enables development of business and gaming applications.
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Offshore Service Providers and Outsourcing Is No Joke!

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There used to be a joke in the business world that went something like this, “What’s the scariest thing you can be for Halloween? An Offshore IT Service Provider!” Today, that joke is no longer relevant, because offshore IT consulting and outsourcing service providers are a proven, valued resource. BUT if you want to be happy with your offshore decision, you must carefully select your service provider. I could talk for hours about the selection process, but since none of us has the time, let me give you some quick tips!Requirements – Before you talk to offshore IT consulting firms and outsource service providers, be sure you understand your requirements. Do you need short-term services for application development or other project related tasks or a long-term partnership for things maintenance, upgrades and support – or both?
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Overwhelmed with IT? It Helps to Have a Friend in the IT Business

You know how it is. You have more IT work than resources so you pull a team member from one project to staff another. This can result in project delays and budget overrun and the work product can suffer if the team doesn’t have the skills you need to complete a task. I understand. I’ve faced these issues too. Fortunately, I found a solution. My technology projects and support issues were a constant source of frustration. When I needed to finish a critical project, something would get in the way – network issues, technology deployment, or integration or migration issue – the list was endless.
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Dear Abby: How Can I Avoid a Relationship with an Inexperienced Global IT Provider?”

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You remember the advice columnist Abigail Van Buren? She said, “If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d all be millionaires.” Imagine buying the experience of businesses that made mistakes in selecting software, outsourcing partners or IT consultants. What would you pay to avoid choosing an IT firm that is unable to deliver world-class, global services that satisfy your needs? It doesn’t matter whether you need software development, programming services, project management, application development and maintenance, content management systems (CMS), infrastructure management, staff augmentation, smart phone or tablet software development, system integration, networking or other IT services. What matters is whether the firm has global experience and can provide offshore outsourcing services, product development, and global support with proven processes, methodologies and affordable services and delivery models.
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