Elegant MicroWeb Provides PHP Development Services for U.S. Shipping Management Portal

Elegant MicroWeb Provides PHP Development Services for U.S. Shipping Management Portal
The client provides shipping management services in the U.S. and it required a shipment management portal that would be suitable for use by multiple users with adequate security and login privileges and assigned roles and access capabilities to support workflow for tracking and management of shipments. Elegant MicroWeb provided PHP web developers and PHP development expertise to create a portal using core PHP technologies with separate interfaces for Administrators, Users, Companies and support for users with report access only. The PHP development solution provides a portal to cover the end-to-end shipping cycle, from release to delivery and supports multiple user roles for input, workflow and reporting.Details >

PHP Development Services for U.S. Online Job Portal Company

Elegant MicroWeb Provides PHP Development Services for U.S. Shipping Management Portal
The U.S. Executive Search, Staffing and Consulting Company required a website with bullhorn API integration to fetch data from a third-party and perform Job Board searches and present query results. Elegant MicroWeb PHP web developers designed and developed a solution for secured Member Login and Job Search to provide dependable integration, and a high-performance website that would satisfy the varied job search requirements of end-users.Details >

PHP Expert - Developed Multi-tenant Portal for USA based Client offering affiliate driven travel portal

Provided PHP development services to create Multi-tenant portal USA based client offering affiliate driven travel portal
Experts at Elegant MicroWeb developed a multi-tenant portal using a PHP framework to offer online marketing and promotion platform to travel agents. A dynamic website based on CMS for affiliate driven travel portal developed by PHP developer, Elegant MicroWeb for a client in US. The client promotes holiday tours, packages and special deals and manages various travel products and deals in the portal. Client also appoints several travel agents, who act as affiliates and get complete white label solution and ready to use online marketing tools to sell these travel products to their customers with their own branding. Details >

PHP is a Magic Potion: Looking for a Dependable, Affordable Software and Web Site Development Framework? Look No Further

PHP is a server-side scripting language that enables web development, and can be used for all types of programming. Its popularity has exploded in recent years. So much so that the last estimate of PHP installations and site designs indicated that PHP was used to power nearly 250 million web sites around the world. There has been an explosion of PHP Development frameworks, like CakePHP, Zend Framework, Symphony and others, and these frameworks and tools add significant value for developers. PHP developers can also leverage the large global development community to discuss issues and find tips and tricks to make the development process easier, more flexible and more successful.The PHP hypertext preprocessor language is interpreted by a web server, and generates a page, or a set of pages using PHP embedded codes within the HTML document. One of the reasons PHP is so popular among developers is that the PHP license is free to use and it can be deployed on nearly all web servers and on most platforms and operating systems without any licensing costs.
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