Java Ain’t Just a Cup of Joe


We all know that Java is more than a cup of ‘Joe’. In the technology world, Java is, of course, an object–oriented programming language with a built–in application programming interface (API), and a rich set of APIs and its platform independence, Java can stand alone as a platform in and of itself.

Java provides a wide range of ready–to–use technologies and frameworks. If your enterprise wants to build an application or a software product in Java, it is important to use a professional team of Java experts. These experts can ensure business success and customer satisfaction with skilled technical feasibility services,a thorough command of architecture, product design, development, maintenance and support and even, (for those nightmarish redesign projects) software re-engineering and Ux design services.


ElegantJ BI Included in CIO Review 2014, 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Companies in India


Elegant MicroWeb is proud to announce that CIO Review Magazine has named ElegantJ BI as one of the most promising business intelligence companies in India. “Most of the companies included in the list are business intelligence services providers,” says CEO, Kartik Patel. “However, we are one of the few business intelligence product companies included in the CIO Review annual list. We have developed the ElegantJ BI product from scratch without dependence on or assistance from other BI technology or framework providers. That independence allows us to deliver unique technical and functional features, and provides greater leverage for licensing and pricing. The recognition from CIOReview is especially meaningful to us, since it acknowledges the comprehensive coverage of our business intelligence software suite and our BI services.”


RWD IS Relevant! Seniors, Women, Men…Doesn’t Matter…They ALL Shop on Their Smart Phones


When it comes to responsive web design and mobile application development, you may think that much of your online customer base is immune to the attraction of shopping on their smart phones, but you would be wrong. No matter the age or gender of your target audience, more consumers are shopping on their smart phones and, if your site isn’t suitable for the shopping experience, you will lose customers!

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Think BIG, Act Small! Simplify Your Life By Choosing the Right BI Tool

Simplify Your Life By Choosing the Right BI Tool

The fact is that a business intelligence solution rollout should not take 1-2 years though it often takes that long and then some. When considering business intelligence reporting software it is crucial for every enterprise to thoroughly explore its options and choose the right solution provider in order to get a solution that is affordable and practical and one that will rapidly achieve ROI and user adoption and ensure low TCO. But, there is another, equally important factor related to the complexity of the organization and its data structure and the data itself. Whether your business is small or large, your data may be spread across multiple locations and it may include complicated algorithms, financials, forecasts or other analytical data. True BI analytics must allow your organization – and its users – to access, compile, and easily analyze data in a manner that is meaningful to each user no matter their role or function. If your business is to succeed and ensure a competitive advantage, you must think big and act small! Be nimble. Provide access to critical business intelligence software to empower every employee and hold each team member accountable.


ElegantJ BI: Visual Analytics Monitors, Deep Dive Discovers

Visual Analytics Monitors, Deep Dive Discovers

ElegantJ BI is one of India’s few BI product companies and offers unique Managed Memory Computing technology. ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel says that customer demands are changing rapidly and, BI vendors must provide data discovery as well as data monitoring to help customers succeed. Not so long ago, BI customers were satisfied with data visualization and data monitoring. But, as business demands change, and the face, and nature, of business competition shifts, every enterprise must adapt or die.


Be a WordPress CMS Super Hero and Protect Your Business and Customers From Hackers

WordPress 4.0 and Beyond

There are different reasons why a website might be vulnerable to hackers or information hijacking and, content management systems (CMS) solution vendors like WordPress are constantly updating and patching security leaks. Customers and clients of the CMS WordPress solution will benefit from these vendor security patches and releases, it is important to be proactive in an effort to protect your business, your customers and proprietary and confidential information contained within your CMS systems.


Elegant MicroWeb Commemorates Two-Year Partnership Providing Third-Party Software Testing Services to Popular Social Dieting Game Portal

Software Testing

Elegant MicroWeb recently commemorates its two-year partnership with a U.S. Social Dieting Game Portal. Elegant MicroWeb is a software product and application development service provider, in Ahmedabad, India, specializing in user interface design, mobile application development, software re-engineering, and software testing and related services. Elegant MicroWeb designed and developed Quality Assurance Testing models and processes for this popular Social Dieting Game Portal and provides ongoing services to ensure availability and high performance.