PA School District Discovers the Value of KPIs

PA School District Discovers the Value of KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are not just for big companies anymore. School districts, hospitals, non-profits and government agencies are discovering the value of KPIs in making fact-based decisions and tracking results with objective metrics to make confident decisions and ensure the successful achievement of objectives and goals.
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Don’t Ignore That GREAT Software Product Idea! You Can Do It!


The decision to create a software product is complex and can be overwhelming. While your marketing and sales staff may be excited by the proposition of generating more revenue and improving the visibility of the brand and customer access to products and/or services, the IT staff and executive management team will probably shy away from creating a software product.

If the IT staff does not have experience in creating and supporting software products, the executive team would be right in turning down this kind of project. But, if the concern is about cost and control, and there is a good case for improving customer satisfaction, revenue and branding and optimizing resources and marketing campaigns, the business should seriously consider outsourcing its software product development.


CMS for Smart (and Lucky) Professionals


My team recently took on the task of selecting a Content Management System (CMS) framework that would bring together our back-end content for collaboration and information. In addition to that requirement, our management team wanted a CMS to compile information online for our customers to find and use information about our services and products. This project was important to the company and we needed to get it done quickly, effectively and affordably.BUT…where to start? I heard the names: WordPress, Liferay Portal, Joomla, Drupal, JBoss Portal, dotCMS, Umbraco, and Microsoft SharePoint, but which framework was right for us? Would we need more than one solution to satisfy employee needs and the needs of our customers?


What to Do? Business Intelligence Data Visualization vs. Data Discovery

Business Intelligence Data Visualization vs. Data Discovery

Business Intelligence (BI) is a burgeoning software market, and customer demand for these types of products is changing rapidly. As users become more sophisticated and understand the value of good data, they want more integration, more visualization and most of all, better, more concise access to data with less effort. Businesses are looking for solutions that can support the need for swift, effective decision-making, while, at the same time, protecting their investment in the BI solution and supporting future needs.When an organization is considering a business intelligence solution, it will often focus on one primary need, e.g., data visualization, data discovery, BI self-service etc. In fact, it is imperative that a business weigh the importance of all of these needs and select a balanced solution that will give them most, if not all, of what they need. By making balanced choice, the business will avoid expensive customization, poor user adoption and poor TCO and ROI.


Elegant MicroWeb Announces an All-Inclusive Software Re-Engineering Services


Elegant MicroWeb, of Ahmedabad, India, is proud to announce a comprehensive package of offshore outsourcing software re-engineering services suitable for small to large business enterprises and for software companies and web agency partners.

Many businesses fail to consider the real competitive, technical and business benefits of software re-engineering. Yet the time, expense, risk and effort involved in this process is necessary in today’s changing technical and business landscape. Failure to recognize the need for, and benefits of, software re-engineering can stall a business and cause declining productivity and business revenue.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says. “If a business undertakes a software re-engineering project with a methodical technical and business requirements roadmap, and careful planning and resources, it will ensure rapid ROI and low TCO, as well as swift user adoption, improved customer satisfaction and increased sales and competitive business success.”

Native Mobile Application or Web App? Make the Right Decision for YOUR Business

mobile-apps-development (2)

Your business management team has finally decided to create an application that complies with mobile standards and will attract more customers. The only remaining question is whether to go with a native mobile application or to create a mobile web application. In other words, before you start to plan and design, you’ll have to decide whether you want a software application that will provide an intuitive application UI design and user experience for desktops, laptops and smart phones via respective browsers on those devices, or whether you want to design a native mobile application that will function on a particular native mobile platform, e.g., IOS, Android or Blackberry.


BI tools bring confidence and speed to Millennial managers

Business Intelligence Data Visualization vs. Data Discovery

If there is one thing we know about Millennials, it is that they don’t want to work hard just to work hard. They are willing to work hard toward a goal, but they want to work smarter and BI tools are the tools of Millennial managers. With clear analytics and the ability to see patterns and trends, these new managers can use fact-based information to make confident decisions.

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How Did You Measure Up This Past Holiday Season?


Shopping behavior continues to shift to the web and apps, but many top retailers under perform across a series of important e-commerce metrics, including mobile-web load.

Spoil Your Customers and Users with Great Ux Design…and Reap the Business Benefits!


With the consumerization of technology, today’s users are more sophisticated and they demand business and consumer applications and software that are intuitive, and easy to navigate and make purchasing, working, browsing and finding information a quick and simple task. Today’s savvy users have no patience for applications and software that lead them down dead end paths, throw error messages without telling them what to do, display half of a screen on a mobile device or demand that they use convoluted or restricted workflows and processes to accomplish a task.Designing and developing a new Ux, or upgrading or migrating to a new Ux, must include technology, framework and platform research, as well as thorough testing, and user involvement in prototype phases. These factors will ensure that the Ux is flexible, intuitive and meets the requirements of the targeted users and the environment in which the application, software or site are used – followed by multiple iterations to ‘get it right’.The optimal user interface is:

  • >> Flexible enough to accommodate changes in business or user processes or needs
  • >> Intuitive enough for the ‘average user’ to adopt and use with ease
  • >> Comprehensive enough to anticipate the twists and turns of user navigation and provide messages and paths through the system to get the user back to where they want to be
  • >> Appealing to the eye and familiar to users within their technology paradigm
  • >> Inclusive to all user perspectives, with UI controls, navigation and tasks that will help them to accomplish a task in a way that is meaningful and makes sense to them
  • >> Suitable for all types of target devices and screen sizes with mouse or touch-driven navigation

In considering the various requirements, factors and aspects of Ux design, many businesses conclude that they will require the services of an expert in Ux – to ensure that all aspects of this critical component of site, software and application design are effectively addressed, including standards and regulations for UI design, Ux techniques and knowledge of domains, frameworks and platforms. If a business takes the time and focus to truly understand human interface and the psychology of use and understands how underlying technology can positively affect this process, the design, development and adoption of the application will be seamless and successful.