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Liferay Portal is not a deep space transmutation Device! It is a framework to create websites, Content Management Systems (CMS) and intranet applications. The Liferay Portal can simplify the work and user experience, and is easily customized to cater to specific preferences and needs.

Liferay works with all operating systems, databases and application servers and it has over seventy (70) tools to help you customize and set-up your portal, content, collaborative process, etc. But, as my friend, Debbie recently learned, you definitely want to find the right partner to help you get the most out of Liferay and navigate the space/time continuum so you can get where you want to go.

My friend Debbie works for a media company and her IT team selected Liferay Portal to manage content, which was a great choice. What wasn’t such a great choice was trying to use the internal team to manage the design, development and implementation. But, let’s not talk about Debbie’s sad story.


SMEs Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI – Part V Self Service, Personalized BI

SMEs Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI - Part V Self Service, Personalized BI

Tally ERP provides small to medium sized (SME) businesses with an accounting and inventory management solution. This solution is very popular among SMEs on the Indian subcontinent, in the Middle East, Far East, and Africa and other countries around the world. It is affordable, and easy to use for accounting and inventory management. Tally is a popular solution for small to medium sized companies in all types of industries. In Parts I thru IV of this article series, we discussed the need for expanding SMEs to consider an integrated Business Intelligence Solution that will provide more comprehensive, sophisticated, personalized and mobile views and analysis of integrated data from Tally ERP and other enterprise solutions. Parts I thru IV of this article series focused on reporting capabilities, integrated data compilation and analysis, mobile, secured access to data, and data mining and user personalization. Part V of this five part article series focuses on the importance and benefits of a self-serve business intelligence environment that will allow Tally ERP users to continue to leverage this solution as well as other technology investments.


ElegantJ BI, Business Intelligence Suite launches Version 4.0 with responsive user interface


Elegant MicroWeb has announced the launch of a major version of its flagship Business Intelligence Suite, ElegantJ BI. Version 4.0 is set to transform the way Business Intelligence Solutions are used and deployed. The new version has a fresh, redesigned user interface and offers intuitive user experience across desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets regardless of the client device platform.

ElegantJ BI Version 4.0 with a new interface will make using the product a real delight, whether you are designing a dashboard or doing deep dive analysis. Utilizing the latest technology, ElegantJ BI is 100% browser based and does not need any native apps or plugins. Using responsive technology, the interface will let you have the complete power of Business Intelligence on a laptop, a tablet, or on your smartphone, as each dashboard, graph, KPI, or analysis will resize and render itself optimally based on the shape and size of the target device.


Self-Serve BI Tools: Data Democratization at Its Best

Self-Serve BI Tools: Data Democratization at Its Best

The business intelligence software market is growing rapidly around the world, and with good reason. Business owners and managers are well aware of the importance of fact-driven, performance-driven business decisions and results. But, there is one thing that many businesses overlook when they are considering and selecting BI tools, namely, the importance of business intelligence democratization.

If a business is to be successful, it must engage and align its employees with the strategic, operational and tactical goals of the enterprise and link empowerment and accountability to these goals.


What We (Developers) Like About WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 and Beyond

Now that WordPress version 4.0 has been out in the market for a while, users, developers and the media have had some time to look at the new version and comment on the changes, new features and improvements. There is a lot to like about the new version of WordPress and, much to like if you are a developer who designs and executes projects for small and medium sized businesses.

As WordPress continues its evolution, it has gone beyond appealing to bloggers and sole proprietors and reached for a market that includes businesses looking to use this framework for content management and/or sales and marketing of products and services.


Case Study: US Online Media Agency Gets Liferay Multi-Vendor, Personalized, Online Shopping Tool

This US online media agency selected Elegant MicroWeb to design and develop a portal for online shopping in an environment that offered products from multiple vendors. The objective was to offer customers a highly secured, easy-to-use online shopping cart and eCommerce solution. The solution would allow vendors to create an online store that would satisfy a variety of product categories and types.

Elegant MicroWeb analyzed business requirements and recommended Liferay Portal framework to satisfy business needs. The team developed administrative portlets for category management, product management, configuration management, order management and access rights to satisfy the needs of the business and the vendors who would create online shopping sites. The portal allows for personalization, product catalogs, product specifications, pricing, FAQs, product reviews and other relevant information and would be structured to allow secured access for different types of administration and user update. End users can leverage product catalogs, select items and leverage payment gateways to browse and purchase products.

Case Study: UK IT Consulting: A Relationship and Solutions that Span More than a Decade

Elegant MicroWeb has worked hand-in-hand with this U.K. based IT consulting company to create scalable IT solutions with an intuitive user interface, and to satisfy the high security, eGovernment and accessibility standards mandated by UK public sector IT standards. This company is a market innovator and a thought leader in stakeholder engagement, and in customer and client interact, market research, idea management and relationship building solutions. We provide support to help this business achieve its goals with world-class, quality solutions, architecture and software products that are flexible, easy to use and implement. Our team was there from project inception, studying competitors and markets, , and conducting feasibility studies, building prototypes, building and managing product road maps, and providing implementation and support.

We have worked with our partner for more than a decade, providing support and solutions for eConsultation, Event Networking Management, Idea Management, ePetitions and Stakeholder Management and Engagement solutions. Today, our partner uses these solutions to serve more than 40 public authorities in the U.K., and in Scottish and Welsh parliament, city councils and cities, national parks and numerous other renowned private sector companies.

Spring Into Security with the Spring Security Framework!


In software programming, the use of frameworks makes things easy and saves a great deal of time for developers. In the Java world, Spring Security is one such framework that is worth consideration by developers. Spring Security is part of the larger Spring Projects Umbrella, and the framework can be used to implement security aspects in Java web applications. Spring Security makes a developer’s job easier and ensures that an application is secure by configuring the appropriate elements in the xml file. It also provides support classes and various filters, as well as support for custom requirements. It is worth nothing that Spring Security sometimes requires a bit more work to achieve specific, complex requirements, but the tool is, nevertheless, a worthwhile addition to any developer’s toolkit.One of the common requirements in web development is to gracefully exit from the application when a user session expires. In this article, we will look at how Spring Security can help a developer to easily configure and handle a session timeout, and explore the issues and workarounds that you’ll need to understand in order to successfully utilize the tool.