HELP! Users Want Self-Serve BI, IT Wants Data Governance

Self-Serve BI

Do self-serve BI tools support data governance, integral data security and organizational IT standards and policies? In some cases, the answer is ‘no’. But, that shouldn’t stop you from looking at self-serve BI tools. The question isn’t whether the integrity of data governance can be preserved when using self-serve BI tools. The question is really, ‘which vendor should I select in order to achieve true self-serve BI and data democracy without eroding data governance and security?’


Mobile is Strategic


Misuse of mobile phones were so common that some people had to change their HR & Information Security policies to refrain from misuses.Initial days of mobile adoption focused on being able to call anyone at anytime and not having to be around a phone to be able to answer them.

However, the technology quickly made it feasible to do some useful and cool things using the mobile phones and today, they have taken over everything from generic communications to end user engagement as in marketing.

Mobile focused Marketing is touted as one of the highest focus zones for marketing today, that is because of the sheer number of access and continuous access.


Case Study: Toll Plaza Mgt Co. Selects ElegantJ BI to Provide Centralized, Timely Data and BI Tools


An India-based Highway Toll Plaza Management Co. selected ElegantJ BI to help them create a central data warehouse system with validated, timely data from all toll plazas and provide uniform multidimensional BI information architecture. ElegantJ BI helped the organization consolidate data validate and improve data quality and design a central data warehouse to leverage dashboards, KPIs, analytical features and reporting functionality with ready-to-use toll plaza management templates that helped the client to implement the solution swiftly.


Elegant MicroWeb Offers World-Class Value-Added Partnerships for Web and Digital Agencies


For more than a decade, Elegant MicroWeb has sustained a comprehensive and successful worldwide partnership program. Elegant MicroWeb provides technical services for software engineering and software development services to web agencies, digital marketing agencies and IT consulting companies.Its decade-long successful Web and Digital Agency partner program includes partnerships with innovative digital communication strategy experts, and serves leading corporations in industries like aerospace, global banking and financial services, public sector organizations, and healthcare, in the U.K., United States and other parts of the world.


Top 6 Reasons for Using .Net Framework to do Product Development

Clients have asked me several questions on choosing .NET framework against Open Source alternative such as Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Based development. While we do development on both technologies, the ones who gravitate towards .NET eventually had these reasons to select .NET framework…

Q 1: When do you use .NET framework?

woman-corporateThe usual suspects about using .NET Framework And I had these to offer as a comparative.

  • NET Framework is heavily invested by one of the world’s richest organizations
  • Skill base development in .NET is deliberate, schools of training exist, but unlike in Java, the framework is pretty much the same against hoards of optional frameworks as it is with Java
  • MSDN library is well maintained and MVP’s are avialable with enough recognition to address challenging product development issues
  • Highly scalable robust and far more secure in its code base protection against the Open Source coding languages which at times need code obfuscation
  • Backward compatibility apart, has full service coverage of everything that technology has to offer towards software product development
  • Is the only framework which comes with Software Development Kits and Methodologies of Microsoft, thus enabling the eons of challenge with ‘Getting the Product Right’ at one go.
  • Built for security as in Proprietary code level security, cannot be replaced for its compilation levels except when doing programming based on C or C++
  • Is not reliant on community for updates and version upkeeps
  • Brings systemic approach towards software architecture and applies to various Enterprise Architecture Schools and Support Systems Integration, Cross Platform Development and Mobile, Cloud Computing through the Azure Cloud Platforms
  • Enough said already?!


Case Study: Online Solution Achieves Optimal Redundancy, Resettlement Mgt.


A leading project management consulting company in the U.K. wanted Elegant MicroWeb to develop an innovative solution to manage communication and administration among stakeholders involved in the redundancy and resettlement process. To meet the business objectives, the management tool would have to allow for coordination and monitoring of individual resettlement, no matter how many players are involved in the process or how large the scale of redundancy.



You Can Improve Your Business Result with Mobile Apps

You can improve your business results with mobile apps

You can improve YOUR business results with Mobile Apps that make your customer experience Faster and Better. The response is expected to be even greater as younger consumers make up a larger percentage of hotel guests.

My IT Consultant is My Best Friend


Why can’t your IT consulting partner be like your best friend? Your best friend is always there to answer your call. When you are in trouble, your best friend helps you out. When you are having trouble making a decision, your best friend is the voice of wisdom. You can always count on your best friend to be on the other end of the phone when something important happens in your life.

Imagine a world where your technology partner and IT consultant is ‘always there for you’. Wouldn’t that be great? Pick up the phone and get experienced, skilled assistance. Ask a question and get an answer. Imagine a world where your IT consultant fulfills promises and offers creative, informed solutions. Does your best friend care about you? Of course! Does your IT consultant or partner care about you? Are they really focused on your success and on providing you with the best support or do they just make empty promises