Augmented Analytics: Insight Comes from Perspective!

Perspective is everything. You can stare at numbers and columns all day and never see the one nugget of information that will give you insight and help you solve a problem or find that one opportunity to drive the business to the next level. When you and your business users can leverage augmented analytics tools, without worrying about complex algorithms or writing code or designing reports, you can find those elusive nuggets of information and use them to improve your business results.

Key Influencer Analytics is a tool that allows your users to gather and analyze data to find those particular things that have the most influence on your success and to identify the target variables that matter most and understand the impact of those influencers so you can make adjustments or expand on your success.

Assisted Predictive Modeling takes forecasting to the next level with auto-recommendations and suggestions so users can find the simplest way to analyze and get recommendations on which predictive algorithms will best suit the type and volume of the data they are analyzing.

Smart Data Visualization lets a user dig in and clarify the root cause of a problem by interacting with data discovery tools that are easy to use. Your users can build a view using guided visualization so that they can best present the data based on data type, data volume and dimensions and the patterns and nature of the data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is familiar to all users. It is a Google-type interface that lets your users compose a question using common human language and get an answer in the same format, with no need to scroll through menus. The system presents results in the most appropriate form so users don’t have to wade through data and organize it themselves. Tools like Clickless Analytics and Auto Insights ensue that the system interprets the user request and the dataset and uses machine learning to deliver the best results using the best algorithm and technique to provide the best insight.

Anomaly Monitoring and Alerts allows users to see trends and anomalies and to map targets and focus on the things that have the greatest impact so they can adapt and develop successful strategies. Users can quickly analyze which variables have the greatest effect on target key performance indicators (KPIs).

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