Consider Software Re-Engineering to Protect Your Investment!

Software Reengineering is Key to Business Viability!An ERP Software Re-Engineering Project Will Save Your Technology Investment!

When a business invests in software and applications, it invests time and money and training. It comes to depend on the software and solutions and its team members become familiar with the ebb and flow of information and the resulting business processes and workflow that grows up around these solutions.

Whether your Software Development  is done in-house, outsourced or a mixture of both, you probably have legacy systems, best-of-breed, and targeted ERP software systems to address everything from HR to finance, accounting, distribution, purchasing, marketing, customer support and every other aspect of your business and teams.

But, there is one overarching problem that every business faces. Almost as soon as it implements and deploys its software, technology changes and, over a very short period of time, the business can outgrow the solution or change in customer-facing systems or software integration and mobile applications can begin to create silos or to result in loss of user confidence and data accuracy and reach.

A review of systems and solutions and a plan for ERP Software Reengineering can help the enterprise to address user experience (Ux) issues, performance, access and security, and ease-of-use without scrapping application and software. A software reengineering project can ensure that the business is able to leverage its investments and its training initiatives while upgrading its technologies to better serve its team and its partners, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

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Get Answers to Your Questions About Digital Transformation!

Digital Transformation Does Not Have To Be A Mystery!Do You Have Questions About Digital Transformation? We Have Answers!

If you’ve heard the Digital Transformation buzz, you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s dive into some of those questions and see if we can clear up the confusion!

•  What exactly IS Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation occurs when an organization successfully exploits digital technologies, its processes, its core capabilities and its enterprise culture to create a rich digital business model that will advance the interests and success of the business. When considered in a broader sense, beyond the walls of the enterprise, digital transformation integrates digital technology into society, cultures and all aspects of consumer and social life. When you engage in a digital transformation strategy, you must take the time to analyze your needs and the situation within your organization as it exists today – in other words, what cultural changes will you need to make to establish a good foundation for Digital Transformation? You want to be sure that your technology, your processes and your culture can support this initiative and that you are prepared to make the incremental changes to get you to a place where Digital Transformation is alive and well within your enterprise. This type of change does not happen overnight and it does not happen without an honest assessment of your current situation.

•  Should I consider a Digital Transformation initiative for my business?

The answer to this question is a resounding, YES! As you read this, your competition is scouring technology research, reading digital transformation articles, integrating marketing strategies across social media, refining its customer targeting and taking other steps that will improve their competitive advantage. If you and your team are not able to keep up, your business (whether local or global) will lose market share and customer confidence. While Digital Transformation may not seem relevant to your product or service strategy, it most definitely IS relevant! When every team member within the organization has the tools and technology to streamline and optimize processes and leverage analytics and automation to improve communication, collaboration and information clarity, your team can function at a higher level. When your team members understand and are confident using data, and data literacy improves within the organization, your value to your customers and stakeholders is improved.

•  What benefits can I get from Digital Transformation and is it worth the effort?

Digital Transformation success stories don’t happen on their own but with the right focus and planning, yours can be one of those success stories! Digital Transformation technologies improve workflow and processes and, by taking much of the manual effort out of these processes, your productivity will improve. The use of tools, analytics and technologies can allow your team members to use their business acumen and knowledge to find and analyze data and adopt tools that will make them more valuable. Your customers will benefit from improved focus and, as your team sees the big picture and the details, you can optimize resources and investment, and improve your bottom line.

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White Paper: Understanding Digital Transformation: What it Is and What it is Not

Digital Transformation occurs when an organization successfully exploits digital technologies, its processes, its core capabilities and its enterprise culture to create a rich digital business model that will advance the interests and success of the business. To plan and execute a Digital Transformation initiative, a business must understand what Dx is and what it is not and it must use that knowledge to build a comprehensive view of the organization, its current and desired culture and technology environment and its team strengths and weaknesses and customer needs. ###Details >

Achieve Your Goals with an Expert Technology Partner!

The Right Technology Partner Can Make All the Difference
Technology Experts Develop Solutions Using a Full Range of Skills and Services  When your business undertakes a project or a technology overhaul; when you are starting a business or expanding, you have a lot of decisions to make. If your IT team is too busy, if there are not enough IT team members to get the work done, or if your team does not have full knowledge of the current, cutting-edge technologies that can advance your business and provide a foundation for further growth, greater productivity and ease-of-use, you should probably consider the services of an expert.
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White Paper: The Crucial Role of DevOps in Enterprise Digital Transformation

With the advent of this new reality of global competition and the concept of digital transformation, every organization has had to look long and hard at its processes, including crucial IT design, development, integration and support activities. For Digital Transformation to work, the organization must operate in a world of continuous change with an appropriate mitigation of risk and delay. DevOps can play a crucial role in supporting these business initiatives, but it is clear that DevOps must evolve if it is to fulfill this obligation. ###Details >

Case Study: Performance Management, Benchmarking Product Development & Maintenance

Elegant MicroWeb created a solution for a performance management and benchmarking consulting business to provide a data-secured, web-based Performance Monitoring, Improvement and Analysis solution with performance optimization tools designed around the principles of knowledge and activity-based management.
###Details >

Case Study: Customer Loyalty Software Product Widget for UK eConsulting, Market Research Firm

Elegant MicroWeb worked with a UK eConsulting, Market Research business to design a web-based widget to measure customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. Customers were asked just one question. Responses were analyzed to enhance and improve products and services over the period. The widget had to be easy to configure, and easy to promote and use. Personalized emails were sent, so users could respond without the need to register. Feedback request could be offered via various web channels to maximize participation.
###Details >

Case Study: Web-Based Community Software Product for UK Idea Management Business

A UK internet community, market research and consultation, eDemocracy solution provider asked Elegant MicroWeb to design a web-based software product for Idea Management. The application allows users to create employee, stakeholder, customer and citizen communities and encourage collaboration, and feedback. The Elegant MicroWeb team designed an integrated suite of Idea Management tools, including user-friendly wizards to support users and allow for idea sharing, brainstorming, ranking and discussion of ideas, and archival capability.
###Details >

Case Study: Japanese Software Business Gets Off-the-Shelf, Industry Vertical Products

Case Study: Japanese Software Business Gets Off-the-Shelf, Industry Vertical Products
A software marketing and support business in Japan engaged Elegant MicroWeb to create an off-the-shelf software solution for small and medium businesses. . The primary objective was to develop Payroll Management, Sales Management, and Financial Accounting Management applications targeted to the Japanese market for various industry verticals.
###Details >

Case Study: Re-Engineering Improves Business Intelligence Software Ux and Scalability

Elegant MicroWeb undertook this project to improve the usability and overall Ux for ElegantJ BI, an innovative business intelligence product. This project included re-engineering and migration and upgraded product architecture, improved performance, interoperability, integration and support for large volumes of data with optimized middleware to improve scalability.
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