Liferay as a CMS, Portal, Intranet Site, and Business Website?


If you haven’t heard of the Liferay Portal CMS solution, you may want to look into this popular web portal framework and consider its usefulness as a content management system (CMS), website solution or intranet application. Liferay has sixty plus tools and some rather innovative, interesting technologies that designers and developers can leverage to create simple or complex sites.

There are numerous reasons for the growing popularity of the Liferay Portal, not the least of which is the fact that Liferay can simplify the work and user experience and secondly, it is easily customized to satisfy specific preferences, and user requirements and business needs.


Forget All Those Myths and Obstacles: Business Intelligence Is More Accessible Than Ever!


Every enterprise, including small and medium sized companies, understands the value of business intelligence. True business intelligence can help an organization to acquire and retain customers, plan for new product and service initiatives, fix appropriate price points, integrate social media marketing campaigns with other marketing channels, understand and address the competition, budget and forecast for financial success and much more!However, the value of Business Intelligence can sometimes be lost in discussions about the cost of a BI solution, the resources needed to manage the system and the length of time it takes to implement and train users and to achieve ROI. In today’s new technology landscape, these issues are easy to address. If an enterprise takes the time to document and detail its requirements and to select an appropriate system, it can reap the benefits of business intelligence without breaking the bank and with relative ease and definitive success.


Want to Select the Right Offshore Outsourcing Company? Magic Is In Your Requirements


The concept of IT offshore outsourcing is no longer new, but there are some things that remain true in this industry, and those things are worth repeating. To select the right offshore outsourcing services, it is critical to take the time to develop a detailed set of requirements and to ask the prospective service providers specific questions about their services and their service level agreements (SLAs). The following list of factors is, by no means, complete, but it will give you a starting point from which you can work to design your own detailed requirements:
Cost: How does the offshore outsourcing company measure up to the competition in terms of the cost vs. value of services? Are you paying a premium for less experienced team members? Is the pricing model flexible to accommodate long-term and short-term needs and increasing or decreasing needs for resources and services? What type of contracts, licensing, and fee structures and pricing does the vendor offer or require?


BI – Managed Memory Computing is Superior to InMemory Computing

BI - Managed Memory Computing is Superior to InMemory Computing

Traditional business intelligence tools and corporate performance management solutions typically use an IO-based processing technique that makes the compilation and analysis of data a slow process. It limits processing and speed from hardware resources that use extensive IO to read and write to and from the disk. This challenge can be frustrating for users and for IT staff because it reduces productivity and can overwhelm systems during peak periods.

BI solutions that utilize InMemory Computing are able to load data into memory, and because the process of memory read/write is very efficient and fast as compared to IO-based processing technique, it provides superior performance. However, InMemory Computing requires a lot of memory to serve large data sets and a large user base, and that is an expensive hardware proposition.


Business and Analytical Considerations for Deriving Business Intelligence from Social Media Networks


In our previous article, entitled ‘The Provocative Possibilities of Combining Business Intelligence and Social Media’, we talked in generalities about the opportunities of combining BI with Social Media to better leverage the potential of social media networks and internet marketing and to accurately measure the success of these programs and plan for the future.

Social media is a critical component of market success in today’s interactive culture and economy. With an ever increasing user base and ever expanding social media platforms, the focus on marketing, advertising and product and market analysis must include internet marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and social network marketing. Customer and prospects are focused on various personal, consumers, community and business topics and they find, share and express this focus using social media.


Surprise, Surprise! WordPress Has Joined the Party for SME CMS Sites!


The success of WordPress proves the premise that publishing and content management have passed out of the hands of a few major publishing companies and large enterprises and into the hands of independent writers, small businesses, special interest experts and bloggers of every stripe and background. The ease with which one can create and publish content in WordPress ensures that writers and small businesses can supply fresh content and information to readers and customers.Today’s rapidly changing technology market has driven WordPress and other software providers and developers to create more innovative, eye-catching, intuitive designs and sites to attract and retain readers, customers and all manner of site visitors.


Three Things to Consider When Streamlining Business Intelligence Reporting

bi-reporting1 (2)

There are many other factors a business must consider when it elects to acquire or change reporting packages. In this article, we will focus on three of the most common problems a business faces in compiling, displaying and analyzing information to gain true business intelligence and create useful, clear reports and presentations.

The problem with cookie cutter solutions is that every business has different requirements and reporting and business intelligence needs are as unique as each business and each employee within that business.


Combine the WordPress Framework with RWD and AWD to Take Your Business to the Next Level


WordPress sites can help a business to coordinate content and features, and to promote products and services. WordPress developers can use the WordPress Theme Designer and flexible plug-in architecture and templates to create simple or complex sites, and design affordable, intuitive systems for business users and customers. In addition, the WordPress development framework allows users to manage dynamic content, and publish and search information, so the business can present a uniform look and feel, and branding environment within which to interact with clients, team members and stakeholders. WordPress allows the business to leverage elegant templates that are appropriate for their business and industry, and to leverage keywords to attract and retain customers that meet their demographic and geographic targets.


Ten Business Intelligence Benefits Your Sales Team Cannot Afford to Be Without

Business Intelligence

Successful sales force management is dependent on up-to-date, accurate information. With appropriate, easy access to business intelligence, a Sales Director and Sales Managers can monitor goals and objectives. But, that’s not all a business intelligence tool can do for a sales team. In today’s competitive market, marketing, advertising and sales teams cannot afford to wait to be outstripped by the competition. They must begin to court and engage a customer before the customer has the need for an item. By building brand awareness and improving product and service visibility, the sales team can work seamlessly throughout the marketing and sales channel to educate, and enlighten prospects and then carry them through the process to close the deal. To do that, the sales staff must have a comprehensive understanding of buying behaviors, current issues with existing products, pricing points and the impact of changing prices, products or distribution channels. With access to data integrated from CRM, ERP, warehousing, supply chain management, and other functions and data sources, a sales manager and sales team can create personalized business intelligence dashboards to guide them through the process and to help them analyze and understand trends and patterns before the competition strikes.


Why Responsive Web Design (RWD) is Important for Your Business


Responsive design can fix a lot of problems for your website. It will make your website responsive for devices such as laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. It can help to increase the time that users spend on your website. Responsive design can help to rank higher on search engine.