Miss Betty Says: What’s the Big Deal about Content Management?


Last week, my friend, Betty asked me a shocking question. “What’s the big deal about content management?”I nearly choked on my cheeseburger! After all, Content Management Systems are king. If you don’t think so, consider this. Your business must produce and sustain fresh content; interesting content; well organized, well-conceived content for every type of online presence. Whether you sell services or products, whether you have a shopping cart, a media or association site, a software product, a game, or a social media presence, content is very important to your business bottom line.

Take my company, for example. We use Content Management Systems (CMS) to manage our team collaboration and file taxonomy for documents. We also use it to manage our partner and supplier sites, as well as content for our events, products, PR, and other critical information.


Critical Considerations for Content Marketing Success – Part II


This two-part series focuses on the factors you must consider in order to create a successful content marketing program. Part I of this article series focused on strategy, expectations, funding and resources. This article will focus on promotion, and target audience.If your content marketing initiative isn’t working for you, you are not alone! While nearly 95% of small businesses and business-to-business companies have content marketing programs, many organizations are falling short of their goals. In fact, less than 10% of companies surveyed were happy with the results of their programs.

So, why are companies still investing in these initiatives? Because, every business manager knows that content marketing is important to their success. They just don’t know how to go about establishing a successful program.


Get a BI Tool with Embedded API Integration and Improve User Adoption, ROI and Business Success


One way to get your business users to use a Business Intelligence solution is to ensure that they have access to data from other data sources like ERP, CRM, HR, SCM and other applications. By integrating data from disparate sources, your team will have access to all critical, relevant information and can use that information to perform sophisticated analysis that will keep your company on track.With the right embedded BI tool, your team can get started analyzing data in minutes! Easy-to-use API integration for 3rd party applications ensures user adoption, swift ROI and low TCO for your business intelligence solution purchase, and will give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed in the market.


Elegant MicroWeb Announces User Interface (UI) Design Services for Software Applications and Portals


Elegant MicroWeb, of Ahmedabad, India, is proud to offer expert offshore outsourcing user interface (UI) design and redesign services to satisfy the need for a better user experience (Ux) and ensure that its customers and partners have access to the best user interface design.


Visual Analytic Monitors. Deep Dive Discovers!

Deep Dive Analysis

There is lot of noise about Visualization of data in BI space these days. Simple charts, complex charts (few of them can not be digested by many business users 🙂 ), tons of properties and configurations and much more….

Yes, a great work has been done in these area by most of the vendors in the BI marketplace today, and all decision makers are enthusiastic about this, and that enthusiasm is reflected in the growth of this BI visualization tools market.

So, one gets enthusiastic about it, becomes internal advocate for visualization in the organisation and the whole process of exploring visualization for business benefits starts…. But before you get to the next level, some pointers here…

ElegantJ BI is the flagship product of Elegant MicroWeb, a software product and application development company, located in Ahmedabad, India and specializing in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance software.

Starting Point is the Data Influx


Understand the Value of Balanced Scorecards


You believe in your organization! If you didn’t, you would not be in business. But, belief is not enough! To successfully operate your business, you must develop a workable strategy, and monitor and adjust that strategy, to achieve optimum results in an ever-changing market. Imagine a world in which every employee, line manager, business unit manager and executive could easily and quickly find and monitor information and make the appropriate recommendations and adjustments to keep the company on track. In such a world, your team could truly function as a cohesive, unified group – with everyone working toward clear, concise goals that are oriented for results and easy to measure.