Data Preparation Tools Should be Self-Serve

Self Service Data Preparation! Help Yourself!

Why is Self-Serve Data Preparation So Important?

What is self-serve data preparation? It isn’t a method of making up data. It is a method of preparing data that allows the average business user to compile and analyze data without the assistance of a data scientist or an IT professional.


Software Reengineering for the Cloud Offers Crucial Benefits

Software Reengineering for the Cloud? Definitely!

Application Modernization Services for the Cloud: Improve ROI and TCO!

Unless you have been living on another planet for the past few years, you know that the Cloud is the big thing. As businesses move from structured, restrictive data storage to the Cloud, they realize the benefits in the area of productivity, flexibility and cost.


Help is On the Way with Web Development Services!

Web Development Services Can Boost Your Brand!

The Right Web Design Partnership Can Help Your Business Succeed!

Sit down with a blank piece of paper and envision the future of your business. Visualize and conceptualize your internet present, websites, great design, branding and corporate image and solutions that are cutting-edge, innovative and sure to result in online engagement!


Take a Deep Dive Into Your Data! It’s Easy

Deep Dive Into Data Without Getting Wet!

Deep Dive Into Data with Easy, Sophisticated Data Analytics Tools!

You don’t need scuba diving gear to get into deep dive analytics. What you need is BI analytics software, and visual analytics tools that are designed to meet the needs of every user. No organization can claim that every business user has the skill of a Data Scientist or an IT professional. But, no matter how ‘average’ the skills of your team are, you need to equip them with the right data analytics tools to allow them to leverage their professional knowledge and find the information they need to keep your business on track.


Smart Visualization Paves the Way for the Right Decision

Smart Data Visualisation Helps Users SEE the Answer!

Don’t Ask Users to Analyze BEFORE They Analyze! Use Smart Visualization!

Smart Data Visualisation is a smart choice for your organization. Not every user can anticipate the best way to display and analyze data. Not every user can gain enough insight into the data in advance to understand and recommend how best to visualize data to reveal problems, opportunities or results.


Social BI Results in Data Popularity AND ROI

Social BI Tools? Socialize Data Analysis and Improve Results

Social BI: Engenders Networking and Collaboration and Provides Many Benefits!

Have you heard of Social BI? If you haven’t, you should really look into it. Your business users are used to social networking and the sharing of data and information in their personal life and at work and business intelligence applications should not be an exception to this data sharing.


Why will data visualisation fade away?

Why will data visualisation fade away?

Why do we need a graph? Me personally, have never needed a chart to check my sales data. I have used graphs to impress my seniors, who I am not sure if they get impressed with weak numbers presented in innovative graphs.

As the numbers get larger and inconsistent, a graphical display will help. I do not want to dilute your vision by giving an example, but the temptation is too high. – World population and comparison of per capita GDP and the number of people who are HIV positive on a 5.5-inch cell phone screen. Geo-mapping is the likely and the only way you see it at the moment. I agree that there is no other way. And I hope you can visualise some hypothetical data on a cell phone and sense how it will look with filters and options.


Smart Data Visualization: Simpler, Better, Clearer, Faster

Smart Data Visualization is Here and It is SIMPLE and CLEAR

Smart Visualization Tools: Analysis and Data Displays Made Simple (and Clear).

Smart Data Visualization! This concept seems alien to some people. Is it data that can read your mind and automatically display itself in a way that will help you understand? Is it a method you use to see data in a clear way; a technique you learn in a class? The answer is yes…and no.


ElegantJ BI Announces Key OEM Partnership With Distribution Management Solutions Provider, Herald Logic

ElegantJ BI Announces Key OEM Partnership With Distribution Management Solutions Provider, Herald Logic

ElegantJ BI is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Herald Logic Pvt. Ltd. Herald Logic specializes in technology-enabled distribution management solutions, delivered via its unique managed service cloud-hosted model. This partnership will benefit customers and stakeholders of both organizations and provide world-class integrated solutions. The ElegantJ BI business intelligence solution is powered by unique Managed Memory Computing and the Smarten approach to advanced data analytics. ElegantJ BI products have been listed in multiple Gartner reports.