Umbraco, the little guy who hits a home run every time!


Imagine watching a baseball game, with the players all well kempt and suddenly you notice among them a little kid who is just too small, out of the ordinary, has a running nose and then you notice that crowd is actually cheering for that small guy, whilst the rest of big guys on the field, in spite their cool looks reserved attitude are begrudgingly acknowledging the little kids as he runs along towards them, stands in their league….That little kid could be what Umbraco is among the big names like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Well, going back to the scenario involving the little kid….


BI Solutions CAN Play Well Together


The business intelligence market is growing by leaps and bounds. Large and small companies are investing in BI – some with great results, others mixed results and some with disastrous results. The outcomes are based on numerous variables and we certainly don’t have time to go into all of those variables in this article. But, there is one thing that often factors into these outcomes (positive or negative) and that is something that BI vendors and BI customers must consider.


How does one compare Joomla against WordPress?


In the natural order of things, the tech world we are experiencing today has seen that WordPress has several million downloads more compared to Joomla, but Joomla still exists, it exists in the same space as WordPress does and is doing relatively well.Why would that happen?In the era of iPhone’s, HTC & BlackBerry devices almost became irrelevant.Is it is a fair comparison for WordPress to be compared with the likes of iPhone?

May be, perhaps not an accurate comparison… okay by now, it should be about Joomla.


Donald Does WordPress, But He Could Use a Little Help!


If you are working in business today, you have probably heard of WordPress. What you might not know is that WordPress has grown in popularity for small to large businesses in pretty much every vertical industry.

If you are looking for a great way to present and organize content, if you want to launch or upgrade a content management system (CMS), WordPress is an attractive option. BUT, before you rush into the design and development process, let me tell you a story.


White Paper: Business Intelligence: Now or Later? Understanding the Misconceptions about BI Readiness


The wise business team will not allow misconceptions about Business Intelligence readiness to cloud thinking or stop a BI project from coming to fruition. With the right information and knowledge, these misconceptions are easily dismissed and organizations can reap the benefits of Business Intelligence and engage employees and staff in the business of self-serve BI, thereby improving revenue and results and gaining a competitive advantage in its market of choice.

Why would you create a website?


Not too long ago, a website was a nice to have list on a business card. Today a website is all addressing system of qualification.

It didn’t take long for the world to say, where is your website?

Nor did they take time to confirm back with you on their expectations and start judging you on the basis of how well your website is made.

Some of the quality websites that remain updated takes hours to make and are made with intense focus on the communication!

Whilst, some are made for a simple reason that there should be a website that talks about you, your services, products, customers and what not.

Then again, there are the transaction supportive business platforms that are mistaken for website, though are hosted and managed in much the same way.

These could your business applications; these could your website that just runs a shopping platform, a community or whatever it can be.

Ever wondered how many types and classifications of business application exist?

Well to be honest, there are no defined systems of classifying a website.


Case Study: UK Direct Marketing, Profiling Intelligence Data Provider Gets Online Demographic/Geographic Data Analysis


Elegant MicroWeb worked with a UK direct marketing and profiling intelligence data provider from concept through design, development and implementation to create an online demographic and geographic data profiling and analytical tool. The solution allowed for registration, criteria selection, order management, account management and administration. The business enjoyed the benefit of the tools as well as the value of Elegant MicroWeb domain and market expertise throughout the complete life cycle of the project.



Case Study: ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Implementation for a leading Pipes Manufacturer


ElegantJ BI provided browser-based BI tools that could be easily deployed across the organization, with powerful cross-tab, time series analysis, graphical analytics, personalized sales dashboards and exception reporting. The ease of implementation and deployment enabled the organization to implement the BI solution in no time, using its own IT team to develop BI objects with little hands on training. ElegantJ BI team provided support and services to integrate BI tool with an ERP from Local Vendor and later to migrate it to SAP ERP to meet analytical needs of users across the organization.


How Salesforce Automation Really Works and Whats Cutting Edge in Technology Today!


The Disconnects:

Brimming with optimism, businesses tend to apply marketing and lead generation techniques, store business data acquisition in to their CRM’s and do a lot of things in several closely related, but largely disconnected modules.

At least that is how things worked in the regular ERP’s of the world. There is no exception to this, not even Oracle Apps or Microsoft Dynamics ever managed to make any difference on these matters.

The disconnects were serious disconnects, there was no direct synthesis between what working on sales and how marketing is impacting the sales operations.

The biggest disconnect perhaps was in the lack of workflow and process integration towards sales, marketing and invoicing teams.

The field level data and integration with business integration, dynamic value chain developments etc were altogether missing in regular CRM and ERP applications.


Do You Speak the Language of Your Customers? Get To Know Them Better with Self-Serve BI


Customer relationship management (CRM) is not for the faint of heart! Marketing, advertising, sales and customer service representatives can no longer guess at or dictate what their customers want. Today’s business clients and consumers are more sophisticated. They are used to targeted products, targeted marketing and advertising and customer service representatives who anticipate their needs and are prepared with great products and services. If you want to attract customers to your online store or website, or improve your sales conversions with social media marketing or call center up selling, you must first understand your target market, and what your customers truly want.