Software Product Development for Remote Asset Monitoring Tool

Remote Asset Monitoring Application was developed by Software Product Development team at Elegant MicroWeb for a US client. The client has been involved in providing asset monitoring tools that can help users set up, manage and monitor valuable assets 24x7 from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The virtual monitoring of assets has been achieved with the use of flexible, intuitive and scalable asset management solutions which can be used from anywhere. Details >

Software Development and Maintenance – Logistics Fulfillment Portal

Elegant MicroWeb has successfully teamed with UK based logistics fulfillment service provider for providing software development and maintenance services for fulfillment portal based on Core PHP framework for UK based client. The client is a renowned logistics service provider and provides logistics fulfillment and redemption platform to a number of merchants. The portal provides four interfaces namely brand, supplier, agent and admin. Merchants can create their own redemption store with personalized branding, configure deals and products and offer fulfillment services with delivery and tracking of their customers orders in very short period of time. Using their fulfillment portal, customers of the merchants can redeem the vouchers, choose the delivery options and track the status of their order(s) and choose the delivery options. Details >

PHP Developer – Portal of Bathroom and Sanitary Solutions

PHP developer, Elegant MicroWeb has provided PHP development expertise for a corporate portal of a client based in UAE. The client is a renowned dealer of sophisticated, classy and innovative bathroom and sanitary solutions. With its network stretching from Middle-east to Europe, it has been providing a huge range of brand-driven, durable quality products like tiles, faucets and fixtures, bathroom furniture, tubs and cubicles and sanitary items. Apart from maintaining quality levels, it strives to promote materials, technological innovations and production methods that ensure the product lasts longer and makes optimal use of water. Details >

PHP Designer – Portal of Art Contest

PHP Designer, Elegant MicroWeb has designed and developed a website of Art Contest for Car Dealer client based in the Middle-East. The client is a well-known dealer of automobiles and desired a portal to invite young contestants to showcase imagination, creativity and talent with artwork. The client portal is designed for participants to take a liking for cars. Details >

Mobile Application Developer for Customisation with Apache Solr Search Engine

Mobile Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided customisation and enhancement of a mobile application for a shopping deals store for one of its clients in Australia. The client is a leading provider of shopping deals. It desired a mobile application to allow users to choose deals according to the selected location and also track the location of user while he’s shopping. Details >

PHP Developer for a Corporate Portal for general trading business group

As a PHP Developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided PHP Development services for developing a Corporate Portal for a prominent trading business group for a client based in UAE. The corporate portal highlights a variety of portfolios of group businesses and services. It displays the business-based segregation of products like iron, coal and fertilizers. CMS developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided various CMS driven web pages for Home, Corporate, Businesses, Services and Contact etc. Details >

PHP Designer for Corporate Portal of Financial Solutions Provider

As a PHP Designer, Elegant MicroWeb has provided CMS web development service for a Corporate Portal of a leading financial service provider based in UAE. The corporate portal effectively displays a variety of services and products for the customers through financial and brokerage solutions. It includes risk management, account management, electronic trading and clearing in its portfolio. Details >

PHP Designer for trading enterprise of UAE


PHP Designer, Elegant MicroWeb provided PHP Development services for a UAE based Corporate Portal of a leading trading enterprise offering products, services and turnkey solutions to trading and industrial customers.

The client is involved in providing logistics, transportation and construction supplies around Arabian nation of UAE.

Details >


PHP Designer for an Artwork Portal

PHP Designer, Elegant MicroWeb has provided PHP Development services for an artwork portal for a company based in Canada. The portal is a perfect medium for converting photos into various art styles. The Art forms available are Traditional and Modern graphics ranging from sketch, oil painting, Color Pencil, Canvassing etc. Details >

B2B Marketplace for Furniture, Design and Architecture Industry

B2B portal is developed for a leading architectural company in France. This is a multilingual website in French and English having a virtual showroom of a rich collection of objects with high-quality photos and 3D objects. Elegant MicroWeb has created a sophisticated web presence. The portal is acting as B2B marketplace for suppliers and architects/end users for various architecture objects design. It provides compelling eCommerce experience to both suppliers and customers (architects and end users). Details >
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